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Israeli Super Mystere B2?


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I found an old Fonderie Miniature Super Mystere in 1/48 last weekend, wanted one for long to make an Israeli aircraft. To this I also bought IsraDecals and looked into the booklet today. I realized that the Israelis changed engine on their Super Mystere’s and I need to make this conversion on the model.


Has anyone done such a conversion and can give helpful hints. Is there any good drawings of the 2 configurations that may be helpful? I assume that no one made a resin conversion. 


Also is there anything to share about the build or detail that you think

is necessary for this kit?



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As David correctly states, the Israeli's did fly their Super Mystère's with the original Atar engine for some time but if you want to go down the Sa'ar route in addition to extending the rear fuselage, you'd have to include a cable fairing running from just forward of the windscreen to just forward of the fin on the port side and extra wing pylons.


The only plans I have seen are in the EM 37 Editions book and they don't include the Sa'ar version.


EDIT: This thread on the FM kit and this thread on building the FM Kit as a Six Day War version may help, both suffer from the PB debacle but there's a fix available on this site which may help - see Cloggydog's post in this thread (post #120)


2nd EDIT:  Just followed the Six Days War thread and Marlin doesn't modify the Super Mystère - sorry!

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2 hours ago, David Womby said:

Sounds a neat project but you don't have to do it as a re-engined Sa'ar.  Israel flew them for years with the original Atar engines.



That’s correct BUT the aircraft I want to build is modified. Therefore I need to do the conversion.



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About some references, the only book I know appart Wez's bible, belong to Amos Dor IAF Aircraft serie.


But... no drawings there, only colour profiles.

You can also get more colour profiles from SAM Colour & Markings about IAF.

But... those profiles doesn't show the same lenght for the extended nozzle!


Whatever, you should easily sort it out by yourself, working with pics available you'll get quickly the correct lengh and shape. 




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