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Gloster Gamecock II, Winter War, Broplan 1/72

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Next machine of Finnish air forces - the Gloster Gamecock II, build under licence in Finland. Some 20 machines were build, they have a bit extended fuselage like in Gamecock III, instead of typical short fulselage of original Gloster production. At the outbreak of WWII, which in case of Finland started with war against Soviet Union agression in 1939 some of them were still in use. That war was lasting till spring 1940 and Finns protected themselves however losing some the most east part of territory (which remains in Russian's hands till now). The Gamecock was obviously and definitly an obsolate machine at 1939, it was used in role of avanced trainer. Last machines were phased out in 1944 (!) - as far as I've read about it.

There was a spectacular victory during Winter War achieved on Gamecock. On 29 January 1940 Soviet bomber DB 3 was captured by a single Gamecock. More about this event here: 

The GA-58 is one of three possible Gamecock codes of the capturing machine.

The model is Broplan's first (?) and only (?) injection model .

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania broplan gloster gamecock


This is a typical short run to which I added some details as scratch build (in net there are available photos of sprues here: http://karopka.ru/community/user/17547/?MODEL=381419 )

 Decals come from drawer (likely by AZ and letteing by Techmod), one small swastika on prop is hand paint, second is from SH Myrsky spare one.

Here she is:













Many thanks for Finnish collegues here on BM, Antii and Vessa as well the Mykko Kylemala of Finnish Museum of Aviation who helped me in gathering materials related to this build.  


Comments welcome






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Very nice build of this tubby little fighter. The rigging looks very good, too, even including correct portrayal of the ski restraining wires! Excellent work!


Broplan is very well known and appreciated by Swedish modellers, by the way, since they've made a whole range of Swedish AF types not easily found anywhere else.


I see that the Techmod decals gave you a bit of trouble with silvering – no big deal, though…


Great modelling!

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