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The other Tim's 1/32 Revell Hawk T.1.A - Royal Airforce Aerobatic Team - The Red Arrows

Tim Moff

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I succumbed - such a great idea, Hawker (Siddeley) GB - an iconic company through the years.


Yes the Hawk is now built by BAE - but started life in 1974 as the Hawker Siddeley Hawk (XX154 the maiden flight) so has graced the RAF since it entered service in late 1976 - thats 41 years service, which I suspect will be hard to match in service life by type over the RAFs 100 years?


So it made sense to build a Hawk to celebrate its status amongst so many iconic aircraft.


I have a twin build RAF Hawk T1A build going on in the RAF Centenary GB, in a 19Sqn Spitfire Cam guise.....this build may well be out of the box Red Arrows scheme, unless anyone knows the man who made the 2015 tail masks - are they still available, I can't find them!


I will also look at other RAF decal options.


Will be a challenge to finish both as I am off to work at the World Cup early June.





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Got started, the normal getting parts of the sprues and a bit of priming, seats built. Hopefully crack on with a bit of paint soon.



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Gettin going, likely to be an OOB Red Arrows airframe - anyone know of aftermarket decals/masks for the more modern tail pattern - have seen them just can't see any on sale!




Found fit wise its best to fit intakes to trunks first then mount to the inside and intakes outside making as a good a join as possible. Found that the ejection marks in the fuselage needed cutting back/sanding to allow the intake to fit smoothly...






Couple of pilots from another kit (Not RAF but will do) 1 for this build and the other 19 Sqn build in the other GB





Getting the wings sorted concurrently, undercarriage innards are a pain but needed I think even though gear will be up, to work with the wing/fuselage fuse...





Bit of detail painting on the seat, build the cockpit up, wash and matt vanish, be ready for major assembly soon.

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Getting stuff done , hopefully will get the main build done soon.


Has anyone put decals on canopies before? The MDC decal is the option I will need to use due to skills (lack of!) and time.


Can I use Mr Softer on over it? Inside or outside. Instructions appear to say outside?


My plan is to dip in Klear, apply decal using mr softer/setter, re-Klear befoure masking for the frames etc...any advice welcome....






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So I got these in the post to help with the Red Arrows Hawk.


They have the Red and Blue plus white needed, never used before but similar to Mr paint I have heard.





Gonna give this ago !! 😵













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Used a weetabix wrapper cut to size and painted for the 'Apron' covering the rear seat.....soon be closing her up, any top tips on the decal on the outside of the canopy? Can I Klear it, place on directly then use Mr Setter/Softer?







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Getting on - the 'Apron' over the back seat was made with a weetabix wrapper.....


Ex Paratroopers love crayons so I used one to draw a basic arrow on the back of the helmet and coloured in!! Not brilliant but good enough for me.....




Headless Hawk Pilots....I am forever knocking them off so will leave off til the canopy goes on....still no top tips regards the decal ?


Undercarriage doors on, will need a bit of filler. Have left the under wing vortex thingies off as some will need to go on after the decal and need paint red and white.






Getting close to the big main assembly - some test fitting







Changed the seat webbing colours and made basic belts out of Tamiya tape.



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Closed up - a bit of a gap behind the rear cockpit bulkhead, will need some plasticard and filling I suppose, I think most have the same issue. Next will be the seams, which I always battle with! The glass has all been dipped in clear, so will get the MDC decals on before masking and painting the frames.



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Slowly getting there! Still some filling to do. Mr paint white primer went over the red plastic on the 2 smoke pods, but took a few coats and are still a bit pink....deliberately built both as I am going to try the Hataka orange line Signal Red and the Mr Paint Signal Red on each pod - see which I prefer before the main paint job.


Hopefully with the white primer on the tail, the main initial white coat for the tail design will, be, er actually white, rather than pink!!


Had a mare with the canopies, dipped in some old Klear, came out patchy and with bits!! Tried to take it off with a bit of meths, seemed to work, new Klear on, will see how it is. Only Kleared as the MDCs are decals.


Soon be time to mask up the pit and get some primer on.




2 smoke pods, going to try the Hataka Signal Red on one and Mr Paint Signal Red on the other. The vent thingies just broke off, so will improvise with a needle or something.




Both models...





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These two look to be going well for you Tim. Do you think the threatening presence of that claw hammer on the bench has helped convince the kits to behave?

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21 hours ago, Col. said:

These two look to be going well for you Tim. Do you think the threatening presence of that claw hammer on the bench has helped convince the kits to behave?


Lol maybe !!

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Primer on - tried the Mr Paint via an airbrush, just wasn't cutting it so out came the rattle can!!







Now, which Signal Red? I have Hataka and Mr Paint. Mr Paint sprays nicer from the bottle, Hataka needed some thinning, did spray ok in the end but not as nice.


Colour wise, not much between them to be fair?









Any opinions on colour?






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Not that it can be seen, but got some Mr Paint White over the white primer....next phase is the tail masks and paint job!








Looks straightforward (ish!!!) 






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Got on with the masks. Pretty good, had to put a bit of additional tape on in some areas, they need to really sealed down with a Q Tip each time to stop bleeds.









Blue paint on...top tip tape up the area below the tail before spaying the blue....doh....bit of overspray would not go away when the red went on....remedial will be to touch up the tail, mask off, respray white over the red, hopefully giving me a blank canvas again for the red.....







Red goes on - Mr Paint does spray nicely, used my Neo as it has a 0.3 tip and the ares so large, only need about 8 PSI!




Blue clearly visible through the red.....







Tail unmasked ....pretty good me thinks.....small bleeds into the white, a cocktail stick to get the worst off and same again to spot on some white drops should do it hopefully....








Both of the Hawks together!! Now sorting the canopy/Windshield, masking and the rails painted first, initially in black, then white to get the red on. I will then get the MDC decals on, before re-Klearing.








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Tail masked up - white on to get rid of the blue overspray!







Blue overspray gone .....decals going on...quite nice as it goes...











Getting there!!!

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The glas is going to be a pain, something is slightly off or warped....just do the best I can!




Not too much bleed into the pit area....decals on the Stbd side....




Last decals to go on, then a gloss coat and finish off...





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28 minutes ago, Col. said:

Looking good there Tim. Nice paint and decal work. How far out is the fitting of the canopy?

Not too much, think one half of the fuselage is slightly warped - lots of tape and glue.


Realised I was pushing the wrong Hawk along as priority as this finishes the day I leave ....gulp....and Im away a few days this week....some latish work I think!

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