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1/72 - Mitsubishi Ka-14 by Finemolds - released


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After the 1/48th kit (link) Finemolds is to release in July 2018 a 1/72nd Mitsubishi Ka-14 "9-shi"- ref. FP33

Source: http://www.finemolds.co.jp/iroiro/2018SHS_new.html




Source: https://hlj.com/shizuoka-hobby-show-2018-sneak-peek



Fine Molds brings us some classic IJN aircraft kits for this year's Hobby Show! Before the Zero, there was the Ka-14, also designed by the legendary Jiro Horikoshi. While prototype Ka-14s featured a few different designs, this kit from Fine Molds reproduces the type with an inverted gull wing, and a distinctive cowling. This is the first time this modification of the first prototype has been released as a 1/72 scale kit!

1/72 IJN Mitsubishi Ka-14 Revised






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I don't read modern Japanese at all, and my knowledge of Bungo is unreliable (the Kanji values don't always correspond exactly with Classical Chinese  Han Zi), but I think the blue panel says 'Early July release'.


I failed to get onto their website, so I can't have a go at IDing the a/c.

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 Mitsubishi Navy experimental 9-Shi Carrier Fighter, aka Mitsubishi Ka-14, FIRST prototype.  This prototype led  to the flat-winged second prototype, which led directly to the A5M series.


Early-July release, 2,200 yen.


Edited because I am an idiot and didn't look at the pretty picture!

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Nice. This is a reboxing with some new parts for the cowling from the original Ka-14 they released with a copy of Model Graphix magazine. It was pretty much only available as an import from Japan. Hopefully this boxing will be easier to obtain.

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Source: http://www.finemolds.co.jp/FP/FP33.html



1/72スケール プラモデル®
日本海軍 九試単座戦闘機 改修型




製品番号FP33  九試単座戦闘機 改修型


新製品 2018年7月上旬出荷予定


九試単座戦闘機 改修型の実機について




★実機の解説書 付属予定。
★パーツ点数 47点+デカール







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Wow! I like that. Bags of character. It's a Stuka...it's an I-16, it's a Claude, with a bit of Val thrown in!

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