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I thought I’d make this my first post on Britmodeller since the garage appears in the background of so many of my other model photos.


I had no plan or intention to create a diorama like this - it just evolved over the years. In the first instance I just wanted a floor and back wall to photograph 1/6th scale bikes against, but then I found some diecast Snap-on tool cabinets on Ebay which fitted well. After that I obviously needed a bench, shelves etc, so they were duly made - and all the other clutter was added as and when I saw something suitable.


One of the things I like about it is that I can put toys of just about any other scale or subject in there and it works.


Here's a selection of photos taken over the last few years.



















































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Good greif, that's pretty amazing!

Where do you keep it? In the garage?

If yes, can we have a photo of the 1/6th garage in the 1/1 garage?


And a 1/100th copy of the 1/6th garage on a shelf in the 1/6th garage?


Rearguards, a rather stunned


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Until the last photo, I was starting to suspect that you were having us on and that was you're real garage.

Amazing work!

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Thanks for the comments everyone. I have fun conning people that don't know I'm a modeller in to thinking it is my real garage - usually when there's a Harley or something interesting in it.


Originally it had two ends and a back, but I wanted to be able to do a video walk around of bikes in the garage, so that meant making an extra long side. Having added that it ended up too narrow, so I widened it with an extra strip of floor down each side, which also meant I could take the sides off while leaving most of the 'furniture' in place.

It generally lives in my back bedroom.









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Wow. As has already been said, I looked at a few of the photos and thought this was a real garage. It has an amazing collection of bits and pieces!!


Out of interest, where did you get the little model of the Tamiya Grasshopper?

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Bigred, I found the Grasshopper on Ebay - Tamiya made a whole range of 1/6th scale models of their RC buggies but I don't think they were ever officially imported or stocked in the UK. I only found them by chance, years after they'd ceased production. I've also got a Hornet, both bought from Japan. Just Google 'Tamiya Buggy Collection'. You don't get the scale box or instructions, I had to make those myself.








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Truly OUTSTANDING workmanship.


A Skilful modeler can make anything he makes look SO realistic  and liken  ordinary objects in a diorama to look SO AUTHENTIC..  you have done that.   :clap2:


pretty NEAT... Absolutely AMAZING and ASTOUNDING Diorama... 


are you sure you don't work in film making models for Wallace and  Gromit.... love Wallace tucked in there et al..




KUDOS....    :worthy:    :worthy:    :worthy:

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I was looking in the first picture to see where the model garage was ....... incredible work and detail.

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What a great place to store models that you have, they are look so in place, at home.

It never ceases to impress me how the imagination of others can create such a diorama/setting with such convince-ablility


VERY impressive.

thanks for sharing


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Nothing short of incredible!  I was convinced it was a real garage and not 1/6th!  It is a work of art.



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