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Hi folks, 

Here are a few pictures of my Luftwaffe F-86K Sabre Dog. For once I decided to build someting OOB, and here she is.



JE-120 was a Fiat manufactured plane stationed with 3./WaSLw, Oldenburg, Germany around 1960. 



As mentioned, it is the Special Hobby kit built OOB except for CMK resin wheels and some detailing on the landing gears. I also used the kit decals and they where to be honest absolute crap. The wear and tear on the lettering was not made on purpose... 



This is neither the best kit nor the easiest of builds as it comes with a rater poor fit, especially in the joint between wings and fuselage. But with some fiddling, a little patience and a lot of filler it will eventually builds up.



The Sabre Dogs were later camouflage painted, but in 1960 the planes were still in NMF. To represent the NMF I have used Alcald II Airframe Aluminum as base with some slight variations. I finished off with a light weathering using Ammo products.



Thank you for looking.

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Very nice Sabre,i bought two of these thing they would be good kits?Built one and had exactly the problems you described, sold the second one on.

Placed against the Revell F86D it is quite apparent that it is not 1/48th scale.Put together on the display table it looks like a cuckoo in the nest.



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Thank you for your kind words :)

In deed the Revell and the Special Hobby Dog's look quite funny together. I am sorry to say, but being the second kit I've built from Special Hobby I cannot see myself buying another one. The soft plastic in combination with thick round (!) corners requires a lot of work with filler and sanding, and not necessarily the kind of work you want to put in. I prefer improving a kit rather that making the parts fit. Perhaps I am a bit cranky here, still I liked the challenge to prepare it for the NMF but there are simply to many great kits out there, kits that in the end turn out better results. Having that said I do like their efforts providing us with kits like the SAAB Viggen.  


Well, this one is finished now and there is a gap in the stash that needs filling so I have ordered the MustHave F-86K :whistle: From what I have read it is Revell based and pretty good, It will be interesting to crack the box open when it arrives. When built it will be a kit in RNoAF livery this time.

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Building a Revell my self, and while researching fell over your model here - kudos for a great looking jet!!


I have ordered AK int.'s Xtreme Metal in a couple of different variants to test out on it. Danish no. 421 its going to end up as, much the same scheme as your german brother



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Posted (edited)

I only just see your fantastic F-86K. You made a great job. I have the Special Hobby one too and it was a desaster, really really poor fit and hanging down wings.

Edited by Harry Callahan
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Lovely job on the K, great modelling !



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Looks fantastic!  Well done on the NMF!  I have yet to get up the b***s to try it on one of my builds, but it’s gotta happen sooner or later...

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