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Sgt.Squarehead's Not Entirely Accurate Gunship


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Finishing this model as a B-25H is the more sensible option.....I've just got to add the tail gunner (Asleep, possibly wearing a Stetson, just because!  ;) ) and I'm pretty much ready to close it up and finish the assembly.


Some much needed paint arrived in the post today so I can get some colour on the turret structure, when I first photographed the turret (late at night while very tired) I noticed that I hadn't fitted the 'gun-sight' (random plastic greebly), so I fitted it and redid the photo.  It was only the next day, when I came to start painting it that I remembered why I hadn't fitted the 'gun-sight'.....Painting the gunner's face was really rather challenging!  :doh:

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Well, I tried, I really did.....Indeed I'm still trying, the bloody thing's still on my desk and I'm still scribing and priming and scribing and priming (& swearing, so much swearing).  :wall:


There is very probably going to be an awful lot of wingy-things for sale around here fairy soon.  :whistle:


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Just for the record, here are various pictures of my efforts on this model:




TBH I made myself rather poorly working on this thing.....Too much sanding and spraying, too little ventilation, the weather didn't help much either.  :sick: 




PS - In the last image, made this afternoon, you may notice my most recent build in the background (that one took 24hrs, from opening the box to spraying the primer).....Wonder what made me feel the need to build something like that?  :chair:

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