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HMS FEARLESS 1982 - 1/350 drawings

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Many of you have been following the creation of these, and the back story can be found here. The subject is dear to my heart because I was a junior officer in Fearless during the Falklands malarkey.

As far as I know there are no drawings of Fearless as she was in 1982 (if there are, I have been wasting my time!), and also none in 1/350, and since I plan one day to scratch build Fearless in 1/350, I need good drawings - so decided I'd have to build my own. My versions were done in Pixelmator on a Mac.

They are essentially based on Jecobin's 1/192 Intrepid 1967 and Fearless 2001 drawings, plus a lot of poring over references and photos (some provided by friendly BM-ers who served in Intrepid).  99% of any accolade should go to Jecobin, who did the hard yards - though I did find one major mistake in their plans (see the "build" thread for details).


None the less, I stress that these are for my own use only: if you want drawings, then buy Jecobin's - but you can at least use these to sort where the differences were.


In due course you will see a 1/700 L'Arsenal Fearless build (not a bad kit, but some significant errors in configuration since it is billed as "Fearless 1982" [and having spent the past few weeks poring over every line of the Jecobin plans, I will lay you any money that the Arsenal guys took their design verbatim from Jecobin...]).  You might even see a 1/600 Airfix job.  But the end game of this is a 1/350 scratch - and that is not even likely to start for months or even years... hence RFI to draw a line (no pun intended!) under these.


Anyway, they are now done, and my wrist is fully restored, so I can get back to doing some actual modelling.  


Sheet 1 - Port profile:



Sheet 1a - as above, but without LCVPs or Cheverton, so you can see the superstructure:



Sheet 1b: waterline, in docked down configuration:



Sheet 1c: waterline, normal steaming:



Sheet 2: Starboard profile:



Sheet 2a: as above, but without LCVPs or Whaler:



Sheet 3: plan


Sheet 3a: plan, but without LCVPs, boats, Seakings or rigging:



Sheet 4: superstructure deck outlines, plus configuration of forward liferafts:



Sheet 5: Hull bottom profiles:



Sheet 6: fore & aft hull profiles:



Sheet 7: lateral hull profiles:



Sheet 8: details of radars, Seacat director & launcher, target indicator sights, Sonar 182 towed decoy & 40/60 Mk7 Bofors gun:



Sheet 9: hull details Part 1:



Sheet 10: hull details Part 2:



Sheet 11: Landing Craft





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...well...I'd been following your topic about the Fearless build, but I had missed you were drawing all the drawings shown in this topic...:gobsmacked:

Now there's a very good reference for future builds!!!


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Hi Crisp,


I have the Jecobin planss and your excellent drawings will help to enhance my build, once I start it;  I'm glad I waited now!   :thumbsup:  I'm not sure what scale I shall build mine, so your addition of a ruler on each plan will be of immense use if I have to re-scale.


I know that this was very much a personal project, for your own build, but thanks very much for you efforts and for sharing the results with us.   :worthy:



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