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Tamiya M10 Mid Production OOB

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Hi all,


So first proper post in ready for inspection so feeling a bit nervous actually. Since getting back into modelling I have been working through the available kits at Hobbycraft and was delighted to find the M10 in stock on my last visit (I don't go alone, Mrs Yetifan is a big time cake decorator hence how this all started). 


So my builds so far have been working through the available Tamiya kits they stock. All my builds so far have been entirely out of the box (OOB) and I have been using materials that have been available in Hobbycraft. So Tamiya paints and Tamiya Weathering Powders, Rowney oil paints, X20 thinners, tap water, a bit of Revell Plasto filler, cocktail sticks, bluetak and a bit of PVA. This is the first time I've used the Humbrol rattle can Matt Varnish and I'm much happier with it than the Tamiya Matt Clear. So I haven't got into using any of the myriad products some of you experts use but I will start to look into some of them for the next build. Especially some of the mud effect products that I really want to try and would suit this model perfectly.


I painted the model using a soft wide brush with Tamiya Olive Drab watered down with warm tap water and it took 4 coats in total. I paint as I go so usually apply 1 or 2 coats before assembly and then the final 2 coats once the main build is complete. I think it works well and leaves a nice smooth finish. I do have an airbrush but find that i'm not happy with the finish, it is usually too Matt if that makes sense and I find the brush method leaves the paint smoother (probably my skills not the airbrush). Decals applied over gloss varnish and then sprayed with Humbrol Matt Varnish. Weathering is all oil paints and powders done in layers with the darkest powder first ending with the lightest.


Overall a really fun build, having the interior adds something to this kit and makes it a bit more interesting than the Easy 8. I have tried doing some chipping but only in a small way with a small piece of old washing up sponge. I think I will practice more on one of my previous builds. I had a go at the figures and they came out ok(ish) but I still seem to fail when it comes to painting the faces.













I'm getting the hang of flickr now so will start to photograph and upload some of my other completed builds.


Thanks for looking.

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Turned out really nice, this brush painting is even better than my airbrushing and yes I find some airbrushed finishes really flat too.

I agree with the figures, my faces usually turn out like clown masks so gave that up quite a while ago.


Keep them coming, want to see more.


Take care,



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Supurb build...  You have managed to really nail the effect of making a plastic model look like it's made out of metal...  I have looked at your pictures with great interest as I use a similar painting technique..   Please don't take the following suggestion as a criticism:   You could give the wheels/track area a bit of mud/debris i.e  diluted PVA and a light sprinkle of tile grout possibly.

PS.  The Cromwell is a cracking build as well...  

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Hi Yetifan, and welcome to BM and the AFV section.


You're not the only one to return to modelling after a long break.... there's loads of us here!


What a great start to your time here at BM. A fantastic M10.... one of those kits I really should buy, but I have too many others in the stash and will probably pop my clogs before I get them all done!


And you're not the only one to prefer brush painting to airbrush, but with that lovely finish you've achieved who needs an airbrush? @PlaStix is a master with the brush, but I reckon you're going to be challenging him fairly soon! Have a look at some of his work. I'm sure you'll pick up a few tips from him.


Back to your M10,

As I said, I really like that finish you've achieved. The weathering is subtle, but effective.I especially like the gun breach. That looks like real metal to me. The whole vehicle looks like heavy metal in fact. A 'newish' M10 that's probably been driven mainly on roads, across dry fields, and through a bit of scrub... as those scratches along the sides suggest.


My ONLY slight criticism though is the length of those scratches. If they were caused by branches, (and given the height at which those scratches appear, I would think they are) branches would bend, spring back, and/or possibly snap. Whichever way, the pressure they apply on the vehicle would change and the scratches would 'fade' or end suddenly and they wouldn't ALL be that long.

Having said that, I AM being very pernickety. I wouldn't try adjusting them. Something to think about in future builds though?


I wouldn't worry about adding mud to the running gear. But, if you're going to place it in a field diorama you can always add the mud then.


I am REALLY looking forward to seeing more of your work, especially as, like me, you are mainly relying on Hobbycraft as your source.

I bet I could list all the Tamiya AFVs on your store's shelves right now. BTW I've just started using Daler and Rowney Acrylic Inks from Hobbycraft. I've used them with a brush, airbrush and Rotring technical drawing pen and they are rather excellent. Nearly 6 quid a jar, but the stuff goes for miles and miles and will last you years. I've bought black, white, flesh tone, and a few others, but really you could get away with black, white, blue, yellow and red and mix your own colours.





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Thanks @Hairtrigger, mud is my next challenge. Like the idea of make your own will do some testing on an older build :D


Great comments @Badder, glad you liked the finish. Just realised i left off the tow cable and aerial doh! I tried not to overdo the scratches but your right they should be a bit more random, although i did get some doozies on my old Jeep Cherokee after a 4x4 day at Cannock Chase some years ago :huh: i’ll certainly look into the acrylic inks, i was looking to try some of the new Tamiya panel liner.


Being a bit time poor I have found the airbrush to be a bit of a faff, admittedly i have a bottle feed rather than a cup feed so the clean up is a pain. 


Ive taken a look at some of @PlaStix work and it is really awesome and is certainly an inspiration.

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