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Revell enamel matt 37 color looks glossy, what is wrong?

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Hey, so I have this problem with Revell colors. I've bought Revell enamel matt 37 for the surface to look, well, matt. But that isn't the case as you can see in the pictures. The red color appears glossy. Now, I've put a matt 69 besides it for comparison, so you can clearly see the difference. I don't know what is going on. Could this be a mistake by Revell or did I do something wrong? Model looks kinda ruined for me now, because everything should have matt finish (it's a Boba Fett Slave I by Revell by the way). Is there any way to safe it? I have some varnish... Also, the paint has been drying for more than 24h, that is important for you to know. So, what to do?



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Whenever that's happened to me it's been because I haven't stirred it enough.


I wouldn't say the model was ruined, though. A coat of flat varnish will sort it out.



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im getting same problem with humbrol acrylic matt paints..they are drying sort of satin  not matt..its not just one pot..ive tried other pots and same is happening...ill have to get some

matt  varnish spray

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