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Hi folks,


Our local Comicon-type thing is on this weekend so we've been adding to my daughter's Zombie Hunter outfit with a Nerf gun:



(click for bigger)


This started out as a Nerf Stockshot, which is a sort of pistol which converts into a stock for the Modulus guns. It looked a bit daft in the box, but had potential:




Disassembly was just a matter of removing the screws and then un-clipping those very solidly attached white bits. After taking the back off with a razor saw I filled it with Milliput. I also filled in the top of the front extendy-bit to make it look a bit more solid/less injection moulded. L insisted that the logos be removed but wasn't keen on sanding, but it wasn't too bad with 180 grit paper used wet with a block. She did scuff up the plastic with a brillo pad though.


I primed it all with left-over Chaos Black lacquer and painted the separate bits with Molotow spraycans (cheap!) The details are mostly decanted Tamiya lacquer, and we added some decals off an old Tamiya armour sheet.




I weathered it with sponge and drybrush then sealed everything with Dullcote, which is frankly a bit crap after the Alclad varnishes, but it is nice and tough. Metallic dings are Boltgun Metal with a tiny bit of the Molotow chrome pen on the high spots. Then I did a bit of "film style" quick and dirty weathering with artist's acrylics, a stuff brush and a wet rag.




Not much to it (I think we started at the weekend) but it was a fun little project and I kinda fancy doing one of the bigger ones. L enjoyed picking the colours and decals and it was only once we'd put it together that we realised it's the Bosch colour scheme :) Heckler and Bosch maybe?


Thanks for looking!




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Nicely done Will, a fun build.


All the best Chris

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Great "upgrade" Will,Looks the buisness.

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Thanks, it was a lot of fun to do. Many of the things which are bad in scale models are fine in 1:1 props :)





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