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Fuerza Aérea Argentina Gloster Meteor F Mk.4 I-071


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Here are two photos I took while I was going back to MDQ´s airport for my return trip to Buenos Aires.

Translated from this link:

First flown in England on April 4th 1948.

Assigned to the 4th Interceptor-Fighter Regiment (Regimiento de Caza Interceptora) as I-073.

Flight of acceptance in Argentina on September 19th 1949.

Transferred to the 3rd Interceptor-Fighter group and re-registered as C-073.

Discharged on December 30th 1970 due to flying hours limit, being the Gloster with most flight hours on the Air Force.

It´s now a gate guardian on the entrance to the BAM MDQ with the fictional registration of I-071.




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6 hours ago, Britman said:

Such a waste of a rare airframe. Thank you for sharing. 

This year will mark the 10th aniversary of this aircraft as a gate guardian, it was in mint condition 10 years ago.

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