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British use of M10 post war

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Looking to do a post war British M10, but haven't been able to find any real info or pics. What I have been able to ascertain is they remained in service until about 1953. (It also seems the 'Achilles' name was adopted  at this time)


Any help appreciated!


Would these have still been in SCC15 or had Deep Bronze Greencome in by then?

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Vehicles in Korea were still largely in SCC15, but DBG was in wide but perhaps not universal use in the UK and Germany by then.  No M10s went to Korea.  After 1949 they would have carried the new style equipment registration mark, nn Za nn, which might help with photo searching.  Anything with an S number will be pre-49, but could still be post-45.  Post-war vehicles would most likely have been stowage-free apart from standard on-vehicle tools etc, which might also help photo searching.


I must admit I didn't realise we kept any M10s post-war, but of course the 17-pdr M10's couldn't be returned under Lend-Lease.  Israel got their hands on some in the 1950's, presumably after we'd finished with them.

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