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Fox Moth G-ACAJ and OO-ENC photos request

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I am building a 1/72nd model of the Fox Moth

based on the Airfix DH82 kit (that has slats).

That means that without deleting those slats you are restricted to:

G-ACAJ (first reg., slats)

G-ACDD (second reg. as Royal Flight, slats)

OO-ENC (pilot Guy Hansez, Belgian, not sure if it had slats)

ZK-AEK (no slats, so no go)

Not interested in modern regs.

I am not keen on modeling G-ACDD as I am not particularly fond of its then owner, some prince.

If you have any images of G-ACAJ, or OO-ENC showing the slats, they would be of great help for the build.

I do have a number of images of all the other regs, not interested on those, and I do have what can be seen on the Net of OO-ENC, so no need of those either.



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2 minutes ago, Pedro1 said:

For OO-ENC you may want to check out www.belgian-wings.be.


Kind regards,



Thanks, Peter, I did long ago, nothing that would really help there.

From other photos it is almost sure OO-ENC had the slats removed anyway.




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