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FAA Duo - Gannet & Sea Venom

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I have finished a Sword 1/72 AEW Gannet & Cyber Hobby 1/72 Sea Venom. Both were long term projects that I plodded away with in the back grounded whilst building other kits. The Gannet is the first short run kit I have built, it went to well surprisingly well and has a good bit of detail. The Sea Venom is also a nice kit.


Feel free to leave any comments or questions and thank you for looking!



















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Very nice pair! finish on both is superb!

Ive been looking at the sword gannet for a while, good to know it goes together well, I now may actually pick one up!

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2 FAA together !! Woooooonderfull !


Really like the pair, very well done !

Congratulations !



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