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Tier 1 Special Missions Unit Sniper team, Afghanistan, 2002.

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Hello all,


Here is my recently finished diorama based around the 1/35 Meng Pickup truck. Entitled 'Hunting' the scene depicts an American Tier 1 Special Missions Unit (Army Delta Force or Navy DEVGRU) in a sniping/observation position, somewhere in Afghanistan in early 2002.


I added some extra resin storage to the truck, along with some Legend AT4 launchers, a ProArt tac sat antennae, a radio in the cab (can barely see it) and some other small bits and pieces. The sniper team are Legend figures, the squatting figure is an unknown brand of ebay, the .50cal rifle is from the Meng kit and the M4s/MK11 are from Trumpeter.


The build thread is here


















Thanks for looking.



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An interesting project to follow from start to finish and a scene you could easily see represented in real life in the early years of the twenty-first century. 

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Excellant dio, bags of detail ground work is superb.:worthy:

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Not bad mate, nicely done! 

An observation or two which could be done still - Perhaps a coat of matt varnish on the blokes and some of the stowage because their trousers are rather shiny. Fabric/canvas is really flat. 


Also perhaps if its not glued down too well an SF bloke wouldn’t lean his rifle up against the truck like that. Too precarious and risk of getting knocked/falling over and damaging optics. It would be either on the ground already next to him (within arms reach, where it is would be stretch/lean to the right, putting him off balance) or slung alongside. What you could do perhaps is slot it down his left side, butt on the floor being held against his leg with the inside of his elbow. 


Hope those comments don’t seem too harsh, just some things that could make it even better. 



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Good work, especially the groundwork. That's very effective. I would echo the advice given by @Tony Oliver though.


I have to add that the snipers' choice of firing position, in front of their own large red vehicle, is a bit silly, but I understand that this is a diorama, not real life!




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Nice job. Lots of detail and well put together. Their red pickup isn’t very tactical though!

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