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1/72 - Caudron C.800 Epervier (re-release) resin kit by FSC Dujin - released - new boxing

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FSC Dujin has (re)released the 1/72nd Caudron C.800 Epervier glider resin kit - ref. FSC806TP





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New boxing


- ref. FSC 807 - Caudron C-800 Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace

Source: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/caudron-c-800-mae.html




- ref. FSC 808 - Caudron C-800 n° 160 F-CAGS

Source: https://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/caudron-c-800-n-160-f-cags.html





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