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Hi all,


this is my new project. In my opinion it is a nice kit with good details. Maybe not 100% correct, but still good.

You can have a closer look at the kit and some information about the real fighter in our "New kits in the cave"-Site.


I decided to build this one out of the box. Only adding things I have like left over PE or bits found in my household.


Starting the kit


  1. I started thinning the plastic in every opening or intake, Here is the already reworked part
  2. Looks much better than before, right? 
  3. A lot of holes can be found and the kit will win with that work
  4. The new look is much better and compares to the real one.
  5. After thinning down I used liquid clue to smooth the parts. 

The seat




  1. The seat is lacking any kind of seat belts
  2.  I made  the harness with tin foil and leftover PE´s

Wing air inlets


  1. A mesh was added to the intake, after....
  2. opening the holes 😉

The control stick



  1. The control stick ready for installation, note to myself: Remove the cat hair
  2. Original part is missing the fire button in the middle.
  3. Added some wiring. 

The dashboard



  1.  The dashboard like Trumpeter designed it
  2. 0,3mm wire was use for the bezzel ring
  3. Much better and will look nice, once painted.

The  main cockpit


  1. Added some details to the aerial. Don´t know the real part, I wanted to make it look busy. 
  2. The cockpit bottom, added the foot rest to the pedals 
  3. Main Cockpit parts ready for paint.


Hope you will follow my work here. 

Happy Modelling



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I started painting the MIG, but have not jet decided which color scheme this bird will have.



  1. The dashboard looked nice after a coat of matt black.  I was very happy with the result .
  2. Trumpeter made a nice gunsight, but I wanted to have a more detailed version. Evergreen made it easy to realize this part.
  3. The new gunsight was also painted in black, still have to add the glas and some wiring




  1. I painted the cockpit parts with a mid grey.  First I have used the Russian blue/gray/whatever color but André told me, that I was wrong with my first choice.
  2.  I added shadows and some lights with the airbrush to main cockpit parts.
  3. Tamiya tape is always a good choice for masking.
  4. After all that airbrush work I used a brush for a light, decent drybrushing with a light grey.  


  1.  Next stepp was adding a washing. To achive a matt fisnish it is importend to reduce the oil in the oil color.  A cardboard is the perfect tool for that. Place the oil color on it and wait 24 hours.
  2. The cardboard has pulled the oil out of the paint, perfect for a  matt washing.
  3.  Before adding the wash.
  4. After washing, the parts have more depth and the details are highlighted.


  1. The finished dashboard. A coat of clear was used to simulate glas on the instruments
  2. Right panel still needs some deatils to be painted
  3. Left side, ready for installation

Test before adding the cockpit into the fusselage



Trumpeter MIG-3. late Version - The kit

Trumpeter MIG-3, late Version Part I


Thanks for looking.


Happy modelling

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