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1/18 P51C Mustang ‘Lopes Hope the 3rd’

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  • 2 weeks later...

evening all :)


I trust I find you all well in these difficult times and if anything it gives you a chance to either do some modelling or if not, enjoy the work of others who do


I find myself confined to quarters, not through illness, but through trying to stay safe - I am fortunate I can work from home and just do emails and conference calls for my day job rather than sweat it into London..


So, where were we - elevators...


always seem to be the last thing I do, don't know why


here is a nice shot of Lopes Hope which shows there is more to them than meets the eye


notice the rib tapes, the visible structure underneath, the many eyelet sort of 'polo mint' fixings and the four mounts for the mass balance weights..




..I started with a brass sheet blank, cut from scaled plans and scribed with all the internal structure (also making most of the cuts for the trim tabs so they can be broken out later) - from there plastic strip was used to bulk it out and coffee stirrer sticks for the ribs. I use these as they are wood and the solartex RC covering sticks well to it..




..soon both elevators were done top and bottom... there is a double wall where the trim tabs are




..then the bulk of the structural additions were dremelled off and sanded to final profile - once complete the trim tabs were removed..




..after covering with solartex and wicking CA on the edges, the eyelet things were added - these are tiny brass washers, the bigger ones punched out of litho..




..these were then covered with the rib tapes again scaled from plans - the tapes are made from foil plumbers tape (like bare metal foil just cheaper) with a riveter run along a straight edge and a scalpel cut along the holes to get pinked edges..


..they cover all the eyelets well - although in this shot there is still a big panel of tape to go over the trim tab area..




..a shot of primer show the fabric effect I was after..






..trim tabs made from litho with the core from the original structure..






..then the mass balance weights were made from left over resin casting blocks..




..and shot with MRP super matt black - also added the trim tab actuating rods to elevators & rudder and gave them all a dusting of MIG powders..






..all the tailfeather surfaces were attached with hinge rods and are now complete..




..and a last shot in the evening sun so you can see the contrasts...





..thats it for now - more bits and bobs to go including the Drop Tanks that Steve at Model Monkey has kindly enlarged from his 1/32 set and 3D printed in 1/18 for me


stay safe everyone and see you next time :)




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Bloomin’ marvellous Peter, as always. A pleasure to watch :) 

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  • 3 months later...

Hi folks


Eric from Aircorps Aviation who restored the real Lopes Hope 3rd has been in touch asking for some pictures for the current owner – I thought as I had them, I might share them as I haven’t done an RFI post


It’s not actually finished yet as I am waiting for the display case to be built so it can go in there dust free and safe, but there are only a few things to do like aerials, fix the canopy parts properly & detail them, and the drop tanks & mounts


The final pic is with a US aircraft compass to give a sense of scale











































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Thanks for those Peter - she is a true beauty :) 

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What a beauty. This is the pinnacle of modelling that most of us can only drool over and admire.


Out of interest, where do you get your display cases made? Just wondering on approx cost and price,



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Absolutely magnificent, if Telford is on will you be there with this wonderful model? I would love to see it! 

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No adequate works to describe how amazing this is! Incredible realism and detail. Looks like the next Telford grand champ to me.


Best regards;


(currently chucking his kits in the wheelie bin)



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I have no words...  i can only marvel at the masterful craft here and weep for my own modelling inadequacy.

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Peter, what a delight it always is to see another update on your amazing model.

I love the latest shots of her looking complete now. 

She's absolutely beautiful and totally awe inspiring from a modelling point of view.

I do hope that you put her on display sometime where I get the chance to see her.

Just beautiful. 

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Yeah, not bad.


I bought some of your instrument decals to use on my models in the hope that some of the talent you have may rub off. It failed. It was the same when I followed Jeff Beck around for ages until I got the cease and desist order, none of the talent rubbed off there either. It is just not fair, this means I have to gain experience and skill, learned from years of making mistakes to stand any chance of being able to stand next to you with any sense of worth. I haven’t got time for that, I need perfection and I need it now! It was good to see we do have one, very important, thing in common. In post no 12, I see you were using a micrometer the same as mine and bought, no doubt, from the wonderful central aisle from that shop of shops, Lidl. I can recommend the screwdriver set too, well, and the cider and £13 champagne but that’s another story.


i jokingly put ‘not bad’ as EVERYONE has room for improvement and I am sure you can see things you’d change if you could go back. Rest assured we can’t see them, so your room for improvement is clearly cupboard-like unlike my USAF Museum at Dayton hanger-sized chasm clearly marked ‘Hiscock’s no chance of ever filling this by getting better chasm’. (And if you’ve been to the USAF museum you’d understand just HOW big we’re talking.)


My gob is, of course, well and truly smacked and I would still recommend reading Lopez’s book ‘Fighter Pilot Heaven’. It is one of the few books I reviewed for ‘Aeroplane’ that I ‘forgot’ to send back and I have read it three times at least and few aviation books make me laugh out loud, and in a world where some fighter pilot’s can be total ‘holes of A’ he was clearly a modest and good gentleman.


now back to waiting for those great guys at Fantasy to print serials for my Hunter.


with respect, 



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