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Hello, long time no see modelerinos, despite not posting for a while, (lurking yes, posting unfortunately not) I did manage a few glacial builds during 2017 and as I'm only just getting around to posting I will cheat a bit and add a couple that I've finished in the last months.


The latest finish, and a real sapper of mojo was the Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Ia. 


I bought this as a bag of off-the-sprue parts from @neilhlast August, so I did get it finished Neil!!  I purchased some Airfix decals from eBay and yes I now know the last 0 in the serial number should be an 8, but it's another day at school.


I didn't add any aftermarket but I did a fair bit of scratchbuilding (my first attempt at this dark art), most notably in the cockpit and the boxing-in of the undercarriage.  I made a schoolboy error of deciding to add the scratchbuilding to the cockpit after I had primed it as I then decided it was just too empty!  Therefore the actual details aren't as crisp as if I'd done the building first and then primed after.  We live and learn.


Speaking of living and learning, I built a spar for the wings, using internet diagrams to get the correct dihedral.  Now when the wings and the fuselage were separate sub-assemblies it looked perfect.  However once joined together, and the wingtips were taped together to keep an upward pull on the wings, and once the pressure was released there was only a fraction of the required dihedral left.  After I had put so much effort into the scratchbuilding I decided I would have to live with this but have learnt for the future (and I do have 2 more in the stash!).


Right enough waffle and on to the piccys.....



Coming over the line at about the same time as the giant Spit was the 1/48 Hasegawa bubble top Hawker Typhoon (Early).


I added resin shrouded exhaust stacks but I think that was all I added.  As usual, there was a big gap in the cockpit insert, but the inserts were added to the fuselage sides before joining the two sides to get a smoother joint on the sides.  I may have stuck the canopy on a bit too far back but again it’s too late and too well stuck.  Used the kit decals as I couldn’t find any aftermarket available at the time .


I did have problems with adding the rockets after construction was complete.  In hindsight I would add the rails before painting to get a seamless join.


The sharp-eyed amongst you will notice I have forgotten to unmask the wingtip navigation lights.


Anyways “Show me the Money”!!!!


Going back a bit further we have a bit of a Spit Fest with a IIb, a XIX and a Seafire FR47.


Lastly we have the subject of my last post, back from the 2016 Made in Britain GB, a Red Arrows Gnat made OOB.






Thanks for looking all.

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On 3/21/2018 at 8:26 PM, clive_t said:

Great set of models, thanks for sharing :thumbsup2:

Thanks Clive, thank you for looking and praising.



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