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Iwata Eclipse HP-CS problem

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i got an Iwata HP-CS airbrush and it's quiete new. Untill now i used it to only one kit. I also got the Iwata cleaning set and I clean the aribrush every time i use it: not only externally but i detach each part end clean it. But it's now a few days that i got a problem: the eclipse  it's a double action airbrush and worked fine. You push the lever and only air come throught. But now when i pushing the lever i got some colors that come with the air, and it should not do this. I cleaned all parts and reassembled it but got the same problem. When pushing the lever not only air come throught, like the first time i used it, but now it's start also to bring some colour.


Anyone got an idea on what could be the problem?




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Sounds like the needle nozzle and external aircap are not installed correctly.


When you put the brush back together you balance the paint nozzle on the end of the brush, then secure the air cap over it, then you insert the needle from the back of the brush.

It looks like the needle isn't filling the opening in the nozzle, so when you start air flowing paint is coming out of the end of the brush.


Alternatively you have some dried paint or a small blockage in the tip of the nozzle that is not allowing the needle to seat correctly.  Have a look through a magnifier to see if you can see anything.



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Thanks for your help!

So basically i put my airbrush together but in the wrong way. Actually that's whaht I do:


firsti i put the nozzle on place, then i insert the needle from behind. I keep the nozzle in place with my fingers untill i see the point of the needle just out from the nozzle end. I then fix the needle, close the back part and then reinstall the nozzle cap. I do this way to be sure taht the point of the needle is correct.


But if I understand correctly i need to put the nozzle cap before put in place the needle again. In a sort of way it's the nozzle cap that put the nozzle in the right place and fix it. And only when the nozzle cap is closed i have tu put the needle in place again right?


Really appreciate your help!


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The Eclipse has that free floating nozzle right? The nozzle cap centers it to the main airbrush body. After you screwed that on you come in with your needle, don't push to get it in the final position, just a gentle tap from behind should be enough. If you're still having problems you might have some paint residue on the tip of the nozzle or (worst case scenario) the nozzle has a tiny crack in it.

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