Hello all time to go for my next WIP. Im a little tired of jets at the moment, i need a subject with a propeller. I will build a P-40N from the 15th Fighter Group, 45th Fighter Squadron. Its a gilbert Island based unit and was a sister to the Makin island P-39’s in sand camouflage. I have this kit from AMT. Sadly it came with incomplete markings from the factory. It only has the nose art for the port side nose. Unfortunately i need both sides of the nose. I had a set coming from the canary islands but they disappeared somewhere in transit. AMT and Hasegawa kitted this “Geronimo” in 1/48th but i havent found any aftermarket or spares. That being said I will build it and save the noseart for a later day.  Ive started by correcting the kits needle blade propeller. I used spare blades from an eduard P-39 kit. I also had a spare etch harness so ive glued that into a modified seat. The AMT kit seats were these square odd shaped affairs. I sanded and filed mine into a more appropriate shape. Then i added a blank of plastic sheet to the armor plate. It had a nasty sinkhole on the backside. Normally i would ignore this but since the P-40N has the cut down spine behind the cockpit thats not an option.    Tomorrow i will begin painting the cockpit and doing some other odds and ends. Im just finishing my AV-8B Harrier build also so these will run side by side for a week or two.  A teaser for the Harrier.  I will leave it here for now. Any questions ? comments ? Or jokes ? Please feel free to comment or offer advice.    Dennis