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A few from the mid 2000's

Rick Brown

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Just stumbled across a few from when I was in the Oggies.

These generally won't be my mug shots, but will contain pictures of kit for reference etc.

The quality will be variable, as my digital cameras back then were quite low resolution.

I'll add to them as and when:




Taken from a Tristar. Somewhere over the UK. July 2004.




Handsome me in Evenes, Norway. Sometime early 2006. I still wear that hat!

Note the two tone paint around the cockpit.




Hot loading. Very unusual at the time as it was deemed to dangerous. Nevermind being rocketed and shot at! KDH March 2007.




After a bird strike! The engine was fine, but the GE had a really messy job cleaning up! KDH March 2007.




Herc C130J. C4. KDH 2006/2007.




C130K C1 prop change. Dec 2006. KDH.




Inside a C139K C1. December 2006.




C130J C5. KDH Feb 2007.




C130J. March 2007. KDH.

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