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1/72 British Pacific Fleet (BPF) Hellcat

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Here is a 1/72 Eduard Indomitable Hellcat completed as part of my ongoing project of building late-war Pacific subjects, and the Hellcat portion starts about here.


The kit lived up to its fine reputation and I'm looking forward to building the many (many) Eduard Hellcats in the stash.


I'd been hemming and hawing about getting one of those computer controlled vinyl cutters, and inspired by @CedB's decisiveness in doing the same, I acquired a Silhouette Portrait.

So this is the first use of the Portrait to make my own paint masks.




It worked! (with a few hiccups - more on the painting than the mask making end)







Together with a BPF Corsair from the same project.



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Thanks for the kind comments everybody!


1 hour ago, Beard said:

What did you use for the exhaust staining?

The staining is poster paints - a technique I believe you're familiar with! Then a little bit of pastel chalk applied with one of those paper stippler things. It took a few coats of poster paint to get them opaque over the gloss dark blue, so the 'layer' is thicker than I'd like.

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10 hours ago, Grey Beema said:

What BPF aircraft are you going for next Cookie? Must be time for a Firefly....

Well, there's the Seafire and another Hellcat just about ready for paint, and an Academy Corsair to do in TSS. PC kindly provided a Tarpon, and I have a Barracuda in the stash.  I'm still searching for a Firefly kit, but it's on the list! I think I'll also need a Walrus.

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