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ALI is back, but without the CAT this time


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Hi Guys and Girls


After being just a regular Britmodeller for the past 3 1/2 years I am back now as a trader, and as you can see the trading name is Aerocraft Models.

I wanted a name to be aircraft related and the also thought of the word 'craft', so hence Aerocraft arose and the domain names were available in .co.uk and .com.

As a brief update I have been doing master patterns for various people, aircraft related and some model bus projects for a few companies that do HO scale model buses.

Over the last little while the bug got to me again to do a few things that I never got around to do, and still have plans and lots of research material for.

In the interim I have decided to do a few small projects just to get the ball rolling.

The first is some improved intake ramps and details for the Airfix 1/72 Phantom. I made these mainly because the lack of detail frustrated me and although I have not completed one as yet I intend to possibly build as many as 12 Phantoms, and I certainly could not modify parts for so many builds, roll on the FGR.2 release.

Next up will be a small but handy item or two for another recent Airfix release 1/48 scale, I will confirm what that is in the next few days, as I need to do a trial casting or two before I announce that.

There will be some 1/32 scale items following along as well, these three scales will be the three that I will be working in.

My main aim in the next few months will be a few more complex conversions and I hope to have at least one full resin kit with other media parts out this year.

One big difference this time I will only be doing this in my spare time, as I have full time employment so this will most certainly be secondary in priority, although I still hope to offer good service to my customers.


LINK to new website, note this is fairly basic for now but it should do the job.



Thanks to Mike and Britmodeller for welcoming me back.


cheers Ali





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Well sort of, I got sent home early as we have SNOWMAGGEDON here right now........... so it is not very warm here right now but I know what you really mean!


Thanks Mike

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