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Thunderchief - Sculthorpe June 1978


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Hi all,


I've been scanning again and this time the subject is the AFRES F-105 deployment to RAF Sculthorpe between 10th and 23rd June 1978. This exercise was named "Coronet Oriole". The day of the visit was pitifully wet, with low cloud. As a result - and foolishly - I elected to use faster Kodacolor print film rather than my usual Kodachrome. The results are therefore not as I would have wished. Here they are:














Present were:


Serial Number Name Vietnam-era name Variant
59-1729 East Anglian Express Takhli Taxi/Andy Capp F-105D
61-0069   Pussy Galore/Cherry Girl F-105D
61-0084 Porky's Pig not known F-105D
61-0099 Mad Bomber not known F-105D
61-0108 Ground Hog Kombat Kathy F-105D
61-0115   not known F-105D
61-0146   not known F-105D
61-0152   8-Ball F-105D
62-4242   My Bit II/Batchelor II/April K/Miss World/Animal/Miss Julie Girl F-105D
62-4301   My Karma F-105D
62-4346   Good Golly Miss Molly/Itazuke Express F-105D
62-4348 Thud not known F-105D
62-4360   Iron Duke F-105D
62-4372   The Supersonic Salamander F-105D
62-4383   not known F-105D
63-8287   Miss Fargo/Flak Magnet F-105F
63-8331   not known F-105F
63-8365   The Dirty Duck F-105F


If you're a Thud lover I hope they are okay for you!




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Nice Martin!  I went up there to see them but never got on to the base. Didn't know there was the possibility.  I think I have some pics taken from far away on the arifield boundary.  I recall there was a deployment to Lakenheath as well around that time, of Thuds and on another date, F-100s too.

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Hi Paul!


Getting in was pretty easy, as always, but pre-arranged with the base.


Yes, there was Coronet Prize (F-100s Indiana ANG) and then Coronet Fife (F-105s DC and Virginia ANG) at Lakenheath in 1976. Sadly, my mate and I went up for the Thuds but (if I recall) they arrived one day late and so we missed them! :(





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I might have pics of the Thuds in a very grey and misty clag on the ground . Taken from the fence. I 'll have a sift through my pics. Not sure of pics of the F-100s though.

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