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Estonian Independence Day Centenary Celebrations

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Hi there,


Not really my scene (military aviation is my bag) but for the benefit of the armour/AFV fans out there, some photos from the Republic of Estonia Independence Day celebrations earlier today. Some of the image quality is questionable - I think my camera was struggling with -16C weather conditions and occasional snow - I managed to get out and take a few photos having earlier participated in the military events myself. The vehicles shown all participated in the Military Parade and included Challengers, Warriors and CRVs from the British Led NATO Battlegroup, Danish CRV90s (again from the NATO Battlegroup), and CRV90s belonging to the Estonian Defence Forces. Other items of interest included a South Korean built K9 SPG, which is on loan from the Finnish Trials Unit (Estonian is planning to become the second NATO nation (after Norway) to acquire this SPG) and a US Patriot battery unit. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them - I know the Armour community on BM don't get as much in the way of real photography so I thought I would make up for it. 


26586191978_d31a693bcb_h.jpgIMG_5123 by Mark Attrill, on Flickr - Challenger


40456995581_0b225ea4a9_h.jpgfullsizeoutput_6c8 by Mark Attrill, on Flickr Warrior UK-Led Battlegroup


26586150968_c512989405_h.jpgfullsizeoutput_6cb by Mark Attrill, on Flickr


40457014341_b22596f0b8_h.jpgfullsizeoutput_6cf by Mark Attrill, on Flickr Estonian CRV-90


39561035285_0971cd6715_h.jpgfullsizeoutput_6d3 by Mark Attrill, on Flickr - Danish M113 ?


25585926537_e8a53a683a_h.jpgIMG_5181 by Mark Attrill, on Flickr - Estonian Defence Forces CRV-90 departs on a HET


25585877067_17c0027372_h.jpgfullsizeoutput_6e6 by Mark Attrill, on Flickr - South Korean Company Demonstrator K-9 SPG


26586182758_58d5a8e2bf_h.jpgIMG_5183 by Mark Attrill, on Flickr Patriot Missile Battery





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The photo of the K-9 SPG looks abit like a M109A2 but, with return rollers as the M109A2 doesn't have them . The track sits on the 5th road wheel on a M109A2. 

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