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Pegasus 1/32 Terminator HK Arial Machine

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Just finished the kit:

Pegasus models, 1/32nd? Terminator HK Machine.
This was an expensive model but  close enough to the  movie prop and fits together well.  Basically a grey-blue soft styrene with one transparent sprue, so you can light it if you want.   Landing legs are moulded retracted, and would need new legs to be in the down position. Model has a single  leg stand. 
CAUTION: The internal  locating pins are too large for the  locating sockets -had to drill  socket holes  out to get an easy fit...Otherwise a test fit could  fix the two  body parts together!   

The two engines are not linked on the model, and probably rotate differentially to balance the machine by computer control, but I found it looked better when they  rotate together. To do this I had to cut away  two of the large locating and alignment pins and their sockets, which were in the way of the cross shaft,  but there are other locating pins, so it isn't important.  I then made up a cross-shaft out of a plastic sprue, then drilled out the two collars, (Parts A4), and glued the length of sprue in place, making sure I had aligned the engine mounting lugs: see picture. A very easy mod. Most  joints follow panel lines, some need a little filler. and sanding. 

There are no guides for this so any imagination can come up with a scheme  painting with Alclad Lacquer Gloss black undercoat and dark/light aluminium top coat. Seemed to look just fine with this simple finish so I left it at that for the moment 

Box Art

The kit is otherwise not bad, and only the main body join needed filler. 











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This was an easy kit to make and modify, I just sprayed it Gloss black and then ALCLAD dark aluminium , for a very quick build. I don't know if Pegasus is still going, but this may be one of those kits that will get hard to find soon. 

I used it to practise spraying silver paints, getting the pressure right and of course, washing to prepare beforehand. 

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looks like a nice kit and that's a nice build you have there - I tried to get my hands on Pegasus's Nautilus kit last year - could not find it anywhere at Telford - a few of their old Dino kits and the odd alien/martian/WOTW kit but these were few and far between - never seen this one though. Their great white sharks a good kit but that has fit issues too, as do their dino kits so was not surprised to see your mention of the lugs not mating properly


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