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F-16XL & F-CK-1 Pitot Tube & AOA Probes - 1:48 Master Models

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F-16XL & F-CK-1 Pitot Tube & AOA Probes

1:48 Master Models




Modern aircraft relying on information to fly and the Pitot tubes & Angle Of Attack probe extending through the fuselage generally in the nose are provides angle of attack or sideslip and speed information.    


[48-144]  - This set is for the US F-16XL and Taiwanese F-CK-1. It provides the pitiot tube, set of AOA probes and vanes for the pitot probe.







These will certainly add something to your finished model, though be careful with them as the carpet monster will also be attracted to them.


Review sample courtesy of Piotr at logo.gif


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