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UPDATE with Spitfire and Yak-9 duo pictures (TBF Avenger, Hurricane, P-40)


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Here some pictures of that beauty! Got also Hurricane, Spitfire, Yak-9, P-40, Morane MS-406, PBY Catalina, DC-3, FA-18, Mirage 2000, De Havillant Vampire, Eurofighter Typhoon, Rafale, F-16, Hunter, Bronco, Saab Gripen, Patrouille Suisse, Frecce Tricolori, Bretling jet Team and Wind Walkers ...tell me if you want to see them :wink:




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Yeah I agree... sometimes i think it's also i bit sad that people link WW2 air war only to Spitfire, P-51 and B-17 . Sure those birds are awesome and they achieved somenthing incredible...but there is a group of planes that deserve the same respect and without them the issue of war would have been not the same.  Planes  like the TBF, the SBD, the Swordfish, Sunderland or even the the Liberator sometimes disappear in the shadow of a few air war legends...but well...at least here in Switzerland we are lucky enough to have a SBD and the only remaining MS 406.

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Wow! Thanks for sharing! Yep, a Turkey can be thrown around pretty briskly, especially when you remove all the armor plate, armament, other military equipment and about half the fuel load. If warbirds weren't pretty much restricted nowadays to low-lead, low octane fuel and very low manifold pressure settings,  and had 100/130/150 octane fuel, you would really see something! (In conversation with the owner/pilot of an A-26 at an airshow, he told me it is very dicey flying  multi-engined warbirds nowadays, as the fuel is so low in octane and with the low boost settings that have to be used, it's pretty scary if one engine packs it in on take-off and some types cannot maintain altitude with one engine out, due to the much lower power available.) Trivia for the day!


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Nice pics, is that the ex Tony Haig Thomas Avenger ?



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10 hours ago, cocky05d said:

As Master Twist would say "Please Sir i want some more".


8 hours ago, occa said:

Didn't know they have an airworthy P-40F (or L).

How awesome !


Thanks for all the great pictures !!

I'm glad you enjoy :wink:

Personally I find the P-40 a real beauty...that huge radiator under the nose gives the plane a unique and somehow aggressive look


Coming soon...Yak-9

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