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Sd Kfz 173 Jagdpanther

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Hello folks,


this is pretty much my first foray into anything other than winged things (other than the airfix cromwell starter kit which I really enjoyed).


So I'm "building" this:




I say building as other than the wheels there's not very many parts...


Anyway, a few questions....


Can anyone give me tamiya equivilent (or mix) of the colours needed?


The 2 options are:


"unknown unit, western front, germany 1945" (helpful) - 411


"schwere Panzerjagerabteilung 654, 1 kompanie, alsace france 1944" - 113


Also I looked at the pics I could find on t'internet and very few show what I guess are towing rings front and back - but on the box it shows them.  i've made up some little bits from fuse wire for these - should I fit them?


And are the (pardon my ignorance ;) ) "wheels" black rimmed (as shown on the box) as the painting instructions mention nothing.


One last thing - the towing cable - nothing in the kit for that - any suggestions what I could use?


Many thanks in advance!!!




ps. the paint guide can be found here: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/2/1/2/102212-69-instructions.pdf





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Hi, the easy way is to type into GOOGLE 'Revell to Tamiya paint conversion' should come up with various paint conversion charts.

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Also I forgot,yes the wheel rims should be black but use a dark grey has black is too stark at this scale , I use Vallejo Dark Rubber for any tyre's or rubber items.


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I'd love to chip in with some help - but I'm hoping you will lead me on this one.  Our good friend @badger sent me some information in the post today - showing which Tamiya colours he uses for German 'Tri-Colour' camo schemes - as follows...






These are Tamiya codes - but not the 'actual' colour names :lol: just my impression of their colour.  I'm going to do one of my 'spoon tests' on Ben' supplied colours over the weekend - to determine which Vallejo Model Air colours are closest.  If it's not to presumptuous - I  could post my results in your thread.  Got to love a good spoon test :spoon:


The wheel edge colour will obviously depend on whether they had rubber or steel rims.  I've read that much about German armour in the last week - I can't remember - but I'll go and have a quick look at my references.


As for their colour - I have previously used Tyre black colours - but for my Cromwells I just used normal black - as an experiment - here...




...by the time you have put a bit of weathering on - I  think they look better than tyre type blacks - even at 1/76.  Tyre black is a 'greyish black' and the SCC15 of the wheels is a 'greyish green' - so I have found the 2 merge too much - I'm rambling again aren't I...


As for the towing cable - not a clue - :shrug:


OK  - off to look at my Jagdpanther references...

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Phew I'm back - puff pant...


OK here is some 'photo evidence'...




rubber rims with damage to the rubber....  ...and a smarter looking unit...




...finally a colour scheme from a Jagdpanther in Alsace 1944 - like your scheme 2...



...hope that helps...

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For the dark yellow I use Vallejo 978 this is in their Model color range and has very fine pigment and can be brush painted on ( usually two coats is enough).

For the green I use Vallejo 890 (reflective green) and for the brown Vallejo 985 (hull red).

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Thanks for the info folks!


I should have worded the original question better ;)


What I meant to ask was are the colour call out's on the paint guide accurate and if not what would be a suitable (tamiya) alternative.....


And @BIG X by all means post the spoons shot on here :)





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