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Was there a standard size for Royal Navy/FAA serials?


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Was there a standard size for the serial number and 'ROYAL NAVY' legend in WW2?

If so, what was the standard size?


I'm mostly interested in the 1940/1942 period, but I have found very little on the topic and I would be rather interested in getting a general understanding.



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19 minutes ago, Dervish said:

The standard size for both was 4".

... then there were exceptions.

Swordfish built pre-war had 8-inch serials, RAF style. When camouflaged some were repainted, a few not. Several Seafires also had 8-inch serials without the 'ROYAL NAVY' legend that, in some cases, was then added in 4-inch characters. Incidentally, this legend appeared from 1941.

Plus, some odd stencil styles were used when repainting serials.


If you can get hold of Stuart Lloyd's "Fleet Air Arm Camouflage and Margings" 1937-1941, you'll find a lot of useful pictures there. 

This is Dalrymple & Verdun web page, the title appears to be available from them. Just scroll down the page.


I may have seen some artwork of yours on the web? :clap2:




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Hi, ClaudioN,


EArly Martlets also seem to have taller serials, probably 8", like those in the AMxxx range (?). In general, it looks that when the "Royal Navy" title is present, the size tends to be 4".



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