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Absolutely stunning Fozzy. Sort of sad to see this over but looking forward to the next stage of this amazing build :) 

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Awesome work and wonderful looking turret! :)




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That is absolutely gorgeous. I had every faith in your abilities to pull it off, but you have surpassed yourself with this one small subassembly!



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Thanks guys!...really pleased that I have someone following on with me 🙂 

I have about another 3 weeks of modelling time left before I shoot off to UK for a couple of months ,so I'll see what I can get done in that time!

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We knew you were biting off a huge mouthful but seriously Fozzy there's no surprise out here in Admirerland

We've seen you perform miracles, wonders and deeds of great astoundingness before


And here we are again, satisfied but never sated


Bring on the Radio Shack, pleasure awaits



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Afternoon all!

Been a while but work on my house was required which didn't give me much time to get on with the radio room...plus I am getting ready to return to the UK for the summer which I do each year due to the extreme hot weather here during the summer months.....which of course means that this will be the last post until I get back to my office at the end of August.


So I have made a start on the radio room with the lower half and the flooring. It's nowhere finished but it's a start!




As you can see the fuselage is Balsa based and the floor was built up also with pieces of balsa which I covered with "ye olde yogurt pots".....usual trick of mine to save money on plastic card!!




The center of the floor has the bay constructed for the camera section that the radio operator could gain access through a trap door.....yet to be built!




The last few photos are of the radio room floor in place leaving the camera bay open minus the hatch  for the time being....I will build the hatch door when all the camera equipment is installed.......












That's all until I get back from my summer break!


I hope you all have a great summer this year and I'll catch you all later!😎





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Nice work! Have a great summer break! :)




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On 2/14/2018 at 2:44 PM, Fozzy said:

Hi there


Here is the next up date!


I have spent the last few days getting the fuselage structure built...I started with the lower half and then moved on to the upper half...almost symmetrical or but a few millimeters here and there!.


Here are the two halves........




Placing them on top of each other gives us the definite shape of the fuselage area....








So to try and explain what the plan is for this phase of the B17 build I have tried to put a few arrows here and there.......




The blue arrow at the rear shows you where I am intending to detail the radio room...including the camera bay that is under the floor of the radio room. There will be doors on each bulk head as in the real B17. The Red arrow indicates the Ball turret position and I have done a rather naff diagram of the turret in red using a computer mouse!!:rolleyes:  The bulk head just after the turret will be as it is...open ....and as it is in the real B17...which is handy as you will be able to view the turret easily.


Ball turret!...aaaggghhh:shrug:!....not looking forward to trying to replicate that...I have some ideas but I'm sure I will change my mind when it comes to doing it!


I will be starting with the bottom half first which means it's time to get out the yogurt pot supplies!!...some of you know what I mean...will explain in my next post!;)


Thanks for dropping by




Table tennis ball for framework? 

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Thanks guys....and if I get up as far as Blackpool Brian....I'll see you in the pub mate!!


I'll be back to annoy you all again soon!!!😉

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It wont be annoying us Fozzy, more like a relief after the long wait


Nice tiling on that floor, are you planning a new career?




have a good hollybobs

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4 hours ago, Sprueloose said:

Re, the gorgeous ball turret. Have thought of making netsuke Fozzy?


Beautiful work as usual Fozzy. 

My eye sight wouldn't be up to it!!..haha!...besides its hard enough with what I'm doing!!

Edited by Fozzy
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  • 3 months later...

Good afternoon guys


I do hope that everyone is "A" OK and you all had a great summer!...I certainly did!😎


Seems like an age since I last posted on here...in fact it has been nearly 4 months!😧...I went back to Blighty for the summer and when I returned life's little distractions kept me away from my work shop...what with fixing things around the house ...car maintenance etc etc...you all know how it is!


Any way I have found a bit of time until I get my family  knocking on my door for their yearly visit and until they come lets see if I can continue with this Radio room for my B17G!


Not an awful lot of progress I have to say but I have managed to prep the bottom half of the construction ...covering and strengthening the Balsa construction.


I think the photos will show you what I mean........






The openings you see cut away are for viewing all the gubbings that's found under the Radio room floor...like camera equipment...Oxygen bottles and prop anti icing main tank...






This photo shows the side of the fuselage and the opening will be for the viewing of said tanks!










Here are the oxygen tanks and anti icing glycerol tank ....made from block balsa for the oxygen tanks and a converted 550lb bomb from a Stuka kit!




The two halves temporarily together to get the effect!




Well that's all I have had time for so far but at least the ball has started to roll again with this build.


....Next up I will get the top half of the Radio room prepared the same as the bottom half...


Great to be back again BTW....and thanks for looking in !





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