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Oil wash onto Klear coat varnish lifting the varnish and Paint. Help me


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Hi Guys
I ran into trouble today.
I have spent an age slowly making my Mig-21 beautiful.
It is painted in its base coat ‘AK interactive Aluminium’ and Klear coat varnished.
I use an airbrush and our UK equivilant of Klear varnish ‘Pledge multi-surface floor polish’.

I gave the model 2 thin coats of varnish, 4 hours between coats.
then waited 19 hours before applying my oil wash.

The wash is made of oil paint and white spirit.
I applied it using a brush liberal, and after 8 minutes proceeded to remove it with a dry kitchen towel.
I felt like it wasn’t shifting away enough wash so i decided to dampen some kitchen towel with water.
After a few wipes i noticed my AK interactive Aluminium starting to shift, then everything came away down to the plastic.

Thankfully I tested first on the rear elevators, so my model is unscathed.

Does anyone have any ideas what I’ve done wrong?

Did i need to wait longer for the varnish to cure?

Any ideas would be appreciated

Kind Regards

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I've not used Ak Interactive, but I would think it's as Tony said. I use odourless thinner rather than white spirit. The thinner is widely available from any art shop or Hobbycraft.

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Hi guys. 

Thanks for your advice, i think a little of everything you all said has helped.

i repaired the damage.

then gave it some extra gloss coats.

i went and purchased the exspensive odourless oil thinner from hobbycraft £12.

the outcome worked brilliantly, nit one blemish and iv been able to weather at my hearts content.

again thank you guys

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A bit late now but one for the future  - I use bartoline premium low odour stuff. Alot cheaper than say Hobbycraft/art shops and just as good. No oily residue or greasiness after on parts either. 

Available from the large national orange and green DIY type shops 

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11 hours ago, Lostpanther said:

exspensive odourless oil thinner from hobbycraft £12.

It is expensive but you only need to use a very small amount. The small bottle I bought about a year ago is still half full.

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This is what I'm looking to get:




Either from there, or hopefully it'll be cheaper at Details in the Newcastle Art Centre.  How aggressive is that, and would it be safe to use with oil as a wash that you brush over the whole model?

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Hi planhazzs

iv used this and its brilliant.

i even hot some on the canopy, 

panicked thinking it would fog up.

but no.., it did not effect the clear parts.

just go careful not to touch clear parts as its not good practice

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