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ian wallace

Wallace and Gromit (Top Bun Van )

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This looks like one of those items where you can see there has been a lot of good work put into it, only for it probably to be virtually invisible when the model is finished, That would be a shame as it really does look good, and as said above I can't see a lot wrong with the speedo decal from the photos.

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Fear not spiny and thank you for your kind words because this van has a sun roof you still can see a lot of detail.


so finish of this busy weekend I have sprayed the steering wheel, radio and the toaster and also the mats. I have found out that the dashboard will have to be filed a little at both ends to allow for the new design of door inserts






and last but not least




so not much to do now I guess

just a little bit of tidying up on the body. 

Spray the inside of the body in the footwell sides.

touch in the roof. 

Finish the foot pedals 

glue in the front windscreen and attach new wipers

wing mirrors

front number plate

bread rack and frame

door handles 

Gear stick


with the door handles and the gear stick I have decided to buy new ones but a better grade of finish 


well thats is for this weekend lad, let’s put our feet up and have a nice cuppa tea and some cheese A lad



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Ok guys not much of an update 

new parts are on there way


new handles 

gear stick



and also I have seen the proof for the decals and they are being printed 


so excited 

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Coming along splendidly Ian. Interior is very nice and those 3D printed additions are lovely and really add a nice touch of fidelity to the kit. Looking forward to your next update



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Just a little progress report

I have finished the pedals and the gear stick and have replaced the door handles

the gear stick has some marking on it, I've done the best I can on this I guess it looks ok, the pedals I might just dry brush over the edges to make them stand out a little




the link for the pedals





and the link for the gear stick






also I have found out that if you upgrade the door panels you will have to sand off the edges of the dashboard otherwise the doors will not close.




more laters guys

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Very nice. I agree a light dry brush will help bring that great detail on the pedals out. They would be painted metal pedals wouldn't they, so a little paint chipping/exposed metal might help too? 

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The clutch and brake pedals have rubber covers, the real accelerator should be a metal rectangle on a long top mounted arm. The animation version has used some licence here so anything goes I suppose, I'm sure Ian is on the case.

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hi guys

Mr Mbdesignart is correct

on my van the brake and the clutch were metal rods with a round metal bit that screwed on top and a rubber moulding stuck on the top, and the go pedal was all metal.

with the film van the new pedals are 100% spot on, and later I will ether put some pigments over the top or dry brush


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Decal update

today I'm a very happy bunny

my decals have arrived




these are very hi quality decals the only problem is they are not like the decals you get in a model kit, i.e. they are not cut out.


but this does not matter as each decal goes into a panel of the van so you can put the decal in place wait for it to dry and then cut around the panel and jobs a gooden




like so,

I have only done one to night as I have been painting my sons room, but u just wanted to show you guys some cool stuff


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hi guys

I have decided to finish each part of this van as an update if that makes sense.

rather than going over the same parts of the van,


so now I have the decals, I will start with the rear door.




this is the final look of the rear door, ive just added some rust and some dirt, also I have added some black to the Austin of England badge to make the lettering stand out and also this is true to the original badge.

the sides of the rear of the van are not done do don't panic. just a little of the wash spilling over from the door.

I might adjust things a little at the end but its pretty much done.


with the decals as they are not cut like kit make decals I have placed the decal in the top and bottom panel (two separate decals) and then when they ere dry I cut around the panel line of the door and then sprayed some matt clear over the top to get a no seam finish.


after that a rust wash and some dark brown and rust colour filters etc,

just looking at the number place I might do something with that a little more.


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Really great. I'm really enjoying seeing this build come along and all your advice along the way has been invaluable. 

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Guys I cant thank you enough for all the kind words,

I'm not a very confident builder, and I was a little worried when my friend Rich wanted me to start this thread.

but thank you all🤗


so on with the front I guess

I have left off the windscreen wipers front number plate and the bonnet badge as these items are very fragile and knowing me I will break them

also I have left the windscreen out so I can weather the back wall.




I might tone down the rust a little,


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Hi Guys

sorry for the long update,


so first off, (the bread rack)




all I have done is primed and alclad some steel colour over the top.


and this sits on the back like so.




I don't know if you can see but I have put a little pigment on the foot pedals and the floor mat so they stand out a lot more.

and this is what it look like inside




next up the wing mirrors, these are stock parts nothing special,




 I have sanded all the chrome off, but I have masked off the mirror part, to get this effect.




up and onwards, now for the wipers, and the flying A





The wipers do need adjusting. I have sent the designer an email, so he might adjust this?

they come straight, so I have to snap off the blades and glue them on at an angle,

and the Flying A, just looks so cool.


all is left is the

exhaust pipe

frount number plate

and door hinges

piece of toast


thank you again for staying with me on this build and sorry once again for the long wait, (personal problems)



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Looking good! And don't worry about keeping people waiting, hopefully you have things sorted out. 

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exhaust pipe


evening gents

I have made a slight mod, to the back box.

on the stock part you have a short bent pipe, on the film and the real van, it is straight, so I have changed this.




with the rest of the system I have just made it look old and rusty











next is the front number plate




this comes in a set of two


and last but not least the door hinges

Now as you guys are much better modelers than me you can get this hinges to work.

how ever I bought the hinges later on in the build and to make them work you will have to do a lot of work on the inside of the A post to get working doors, also you will have to mod the dashboard to make fit also,

I cannot fault the design on the hinges, just the plank that is building the model.


anyway you first have to cut out to notches from the door




this is a clearer photo of how the hinges fit




I think the designer has now made them out of brass, witch will be much better,

so as I cant make anything up to go inside I am going to glue one door shut and the other so you can pull of so you can see the detail inside, (never mind).

but even with the doors shut the hinges are much better than the stock ones that are moulded into the door, so I'm not that unhappy.


next up is the bread rack




I haven't don't anything with this because the plastic is very flexible, and if you put anything on there it will bow.

the designer has taken this off the website until he has time to redesign the rack with a different material.


so guys, we are nearly at the end of this build, and I would like to thank you all for keeping up with me and hope I have given you something interesting to look at.

so here is a walkaround of what we have so far.






























So the only things that are missing is the

sun visor and the bread rack and some bread.


the sun visor I had tried to make myself and it just looks $%£@? so I have asked the designer to make me one

and also the re design of the bread rack, then I can make some bread.


I will also make some toast to go into the toaster and also to put on a plate to go onto the front passengers seat.


as soon as I have done this I will update this post for all to see.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Shapeways designer, as he has made some very special parts for me to fit on this project,

so a very big THANK YOU.


and thank you to you all for tuning in.

if anyone else is thinking of making one of these vans, I do have some decals left over that I'm selling  


that's all lad, lets go and get some cheese and crackers



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Magic. Just like Hollywood.

(But a bit rusty) 

(I think they were from the factory)

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Yeah I did think I’ve added abit to much rust. But depending on what scene you see the van in the film some looks cleaner then others


with regards to the van in real life. I think rust was an optional extra. But came free after two years lol


the vans were made very cheap 

they were designed to be cheap for builders etc to afford them 


they were very poorly made. Both doors the bottom corners kicked out. 


Some people converted the van to the countryman to avoid tax

after a year they would cut out the side panels and add glass


the only way you could tell the difference between the two would be that the van had the roof vent and the countyman didn’t 


that said I loved my little van she had so much character and I could still to 60 mph 


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