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Ukrainian "chevron" air force markings from 1991/1992


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Is the any photo or source, which confirm a existence of "chevron" style Ukrainian air force markings, which appeared briefly after gaining independence? Those are covered in

Authentic Decals MiG-29 (9-13) Fulcrum C Part I (Nr. 72-03) sheet (link, no. 21 and 37), but unfortunately instruction do not shown roundels positions on wings. I can only assume they will be in place of Soviet stars, and with acute angle aiming back.

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Hi there Bo,


In the March 2006 issue of Air Forces Monthly, there is a report on the Ukrainian AF.

Included is a picture by Sergey Popsuevich, giving a front-left perspective of "38 white" of the 114th regiment at Ivano-Frankivsk. Picture date is given as January 31st, 1993 (!).

The chevron markings applied are explained in the report as being unofficial ones, from a bunch that appeared [in this particular case, at unit level - 114th regiment] in the immediate aftermath of Ukrainian independence from the USSR, before the official, sanctioned markings were settled upon.


I have, unfortunately, no information regarding the wing markings. However, in lack of some visual evidence, I would build my model with the chevrons on the wings pointing the sharp end forward - the tail markings have also their sharp ends pointed towards the front of the plane...




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