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Here is my finished  model of the topical SS26 Transporter  erector and launcer kit from ZVEZDA. I have problems making small kits now, ,but wanted to include this on in my collection, so I did as best I could. The unusual digital camflage I saw on several web sites, and thought interesting. Made straight out of the box. The model transmission parts are minute and very fiddly to do all the bits! the position  of the cab and other top parts are delicately mounted on the model to fit exactly the same as the real ones. where the engine fits wasn't clear, so I messed that up, but it is hidden inside. 


I painted the interior of the cab matt black, then took special care to paint all the sides of the transparencies with a matt black pen, as this made  the very thick windows look better, without internal reflections. I do this to all kits and it helps a lot I think.  I messed up the details on the rockets so I just painted them green. the digital camouflage was seen on parade pictures, and done thus:

1 felt tip for the black , 2 over: paint brush and enamel for the white bits. 

The model is of a topical system  as the missile is supposed to be nuclear capable, and thus contravening Tactical misslile agreements. An interesting addition to any armour collection.

though a very expensive kit. Added to my missile section. 







after seeing the enlarged pictures, I realise I have a few bits to paint: the cable, the tow hooks, the wipers... 

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I made the ZZ Models resin kit a few years ago.... http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_iskander.html


and I have purchased the Zvezda kit for the stash - to go alongside the Zvezda Topol :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_topol.html


I like your camouflage scheme - and the methods you used - I might just try that out on my model when I get around to making it.


Great model - and great finish .... :worthy:



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Thank you for the comments. I ca no longer make a good go at 1/72nd models, : eyesight etc. so 1/48 and 1/32are my main scales nowadays.... then I bought the MOBEIUS models 1/144 2001 Discovery, so its not all that easy to get what you want.

The camouflage was seen on Armenian http://www.janes.com/images/assets/044/64044/1685966_-_main.jpg

and consists of spray-on 'digital' or digital stickers  in various colours. This is an interesting method, depending on the soldier who gets around to doing it i suppose, the more artistic flair, the more interesting. One I saw had rows and rows neatly sprayed on, hardly camouflage, but it seem to break up the outline. 

If you have done the SS25 TOPOL TEL, , the drive train details are just as exacting and detailed. The kit is very expensive but superbly done.

Note: I painted the edges of the windows  to cut down internal reflections, this seems to have helped .



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