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"Oliver’s Army"… A Trio of Cromwell IV's +++COMPLETED+++

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I am sorry but I missed this thread due to the amount of time I'm having to spend replacing all the photos in my 47 page diorama WIP, plus the current M3/M4 STGB.

I have to be honest and say that I've hardly visited the armour forum, and when I have, I've concentrated on 1/35th only.


But how wrong was I to do that?


These tiny, tiny Cromwells are quite superb! I slap my own bottom for missing the 'live' WIP. I shall have to make do with the catch-up.






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I thought these were finished - until I went to the show today and came away with these little headlight things...






...tiny - but they work out at 40p each - so not too bad - what do you think???

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On ‎01‎/‎02‎/‎2018 at 00:02, Ratch said:

I knew a gentleman called Reg Spittals. He commanded a Cromwell with the 2nd Northants after D-Day and had a couple of photos of his tank.
The single star on the rear of the turret should be a stencilled, circled star on the engine bay doors, the serials on the turret should be lower and there were squadron signs painted high on the forward plate. He also gave some valuable insight into the Cromwell. The Commander's cupola could be rotated so that the hatch opened 'sideways', and he placed a sack of earth behind his head. This saved him when an artillery round landed on the engine deck, blowing the turret forward. A helmet was placed over the searchlight and chicken-wire was fixed over the turret to poke camo into. Of course, this didn't help much if you was crossing a cornfield. The outline of the turret was further broken up with the attachment of bags, spare wheels, jerry cans etc etc

Hey Ratch - I'm now reading 'THE BLACK BULL' by Patrick Delaforce and it has a quote about smoke shells from your friend Reg - though it gives his surname as SPITTLES - I feel sure that it is the same gentleman and describes him as 2 troop corporal in A squadron 2NY - small world isn't it.

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