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My latest modelling masterpiece, a 1/35 scale Flakpanzer E-100 model kit by Amusing Hobby. I made several changes to the base kit including; replacing the inaccurate plastic gun barrels with metal ones. Also replacing the rather weak plastic suspension springs with custom made metal ones too. The side skirt armour was modified so they can be displayed either on or off the vehicle, I also added a small crane to the side of the turret that would be used by the crew to aid with lifting the side armour on or off. Lastly the most important addition to this model is the obligatory bucket hanging off the rear, which every good tank model should have 1f61b.png


Took me about four months to complete in all & was a lot of fun, I think I'll make something smaller next tho...





















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Thanks for the replies ^_^ I've got a stash full of paper panzers so expect to see some more unusual designs from me in the future. Hopefully with a bit more practice (this was my third 1/35 kit BTW) I can cut down the build time or you'll have to wait six months for the next one :P

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