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How about a "What makes you happy" thread?


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On 19/11/2021 at 13:26, John_W said:

My Great Nephew "Rang the Bell" at Leeds Children's Hospital and is now cancer free.


Absolutely brilliant John.


Daughter in Law Candy , wife of Pete my youngest son, was found to have lung cancer.

Right at the Covid beginning. Plus being of West Indian Parentage more susceptible

to the ravages of covid.


Operation. Many tests since & all is OK. However Pete would not let Candy out & a good job he has done.


My wife, we in Jersey, they in Stratford London, & we have not seen them since covid began.


But they are safe & that is the important bit. There is though more than a tinge of sadness.




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Well, I've had a few things. Best of all was Saturday morning, sitting in the food area, just inside the entrance at Telford, and this 9 year old boy comes into view and stands there staring at me for few seconds, until I took my mask off. And then the penny dropped. "It's Granddad! It's Granddad! Dad, look. It's Granddad!" And with that he came running over and threw his arms around me. We haven't seen each other for two years, so it was very emotional. So we spent most of the weekend together.

The rest of the weekend went fairly well. I spent a small fortune, but came away with several kits and bits and pieces that I wanted. Oh, and picking up a Commeded (sic). a bronze and a gold medal in the competition. Never had one of those before. So all in all, a very happy bunny.



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    happiness is ....


     Floods starting to go down and highways slowly reopening here in vancouver area and lower BC 


  and the gasoline at the pumps hasn't run out yet 

     ( maybe rationing is working ) 






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A 'win' of £25 in a prize draw on paypal which I did not know about

I had ignored their emails about them running a prize draw until Christmas

Last night I decided to buy some leather making patterns which were on 'Black Friday' discount even though I could not really afford them right now

When I paid for them via paypal I thought the payment had failed. But the 'win' had covered the price plus I've got another £7.50 of it left to spend

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