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1/72nd, 1/32 & 1/48 - Goodyear - Formula One F-1 Racer aircraft resin kits by Civilized Models - released


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Civilized Models has released several 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/32nd  F-1 Racer resin kits


1/32 Miss San Bernardino


- ref. 480004F1   - 1/48th F-1 Racer "Wingwax"

Source: https://www.civilizedmodels.com/product-page/1-48-f-1-racer-wingwax


1/48 F-1 Racer "Wingwax"


- ref. 480003F1 - 1/48th F-1 Racer "1949"

Source: https://www.civilizedmodels.com/product-page/1-48-f-1-racer-1949


- ref. 480002F1 - 1/48th F-1 Racer Miss San Benardino (Early)

Source: https://www.civilizedmodels.com/product-page/1-48f-1-racer-miss-san-benardino-early



ref. 320001F1 - 1/32nd F-1 Racer Miss San Benardino (Late)

Source: https://www.civilizedmodels.com/product-page/1-32-miss-san-bernardino


1/32 Miss San Bernardino
- ref. 320002F1 - 1/32nd F-1 Racer "wingwax"
- ref. 320003F1 - 1/32nd F-1 Racer "1949"
- ref. 320004F1 - 1/32nd F-1 Racer Miss San Benardino (Early)





- ref.720001F1 - 1/72nd F-1 Racer Miss San Benardino (Late)



- ref. 720002F1 - 1/72nd F-1 Racer Miss San Benardino (Early)

Source: https://www.civilizedmodels.com/product-page/1-72-f-1-racer-miss-san-bernardino-early


- ref. 720003F1 - 1/72nd F-1 Racer "Wingwax"

Source: https://www.civilizedmodels.com/product-page/1-72-f-1-racer-wingwax


- ref. 720004F1 - 1/72nd F-1 Racer "1949"

Source: https://www.civilizedmodels.com/product-page/1-72-f-1-racer-1949





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