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Matchbox 1/72 Hawker Hunter T.7 'Blue Diamonds'

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Greetings from Hot and Humid Australia.


Back in October 2017, the 2nd edition of Britmodellers Matchbox Group Builds got underway. It is still currently open, however has now only two more weeks for final entries to be submitted.


In the day, Matchbox kits were probably my equivalent of what some folk here talk about Airfix & Frog models of the sixties. Each box had a beautiful Roy Huxley painting on top and came in 2 to 3 different shades of coloured plastic. Overall they were always quite basic, however were the perfect start for beginners, whilst also providing the experienced modeller with a platform to turn these models into absolute masterpieces. 


Amongst their new line-up of kits for 1976 was a Hawker Hunter. Now Matchbox had a knack of producing some quirky versions and off-beat subjects and true to form graced the modelling community with the first injection moulded parts to build a twin seat Hunter. I'm sure even back then, those modellers with an eye for detail soon realised that what was offered was quite simplistic and a little off in shape, however we could now build a T.7 of sorts so credit goes where credit is due.


As a 15 year old (1985) I recall seeing this kit re-released in the lovely RAF Blue Diamonds Aerobatic team scheme. I'd heard of the Black Arrows c/o the Airfix F.6 kit, however the Blue Diamonds were new to me. For some reason I never ended up buying this kit back then, however have always wanted to have a go at one in this scheme. This latest Matchbox GB once again peaked my interest in this kit and I managed to hunt one down without dipping to deep into the kids inheritance!


So here is my version of this classic kit in all it's shiny glory (or is that gory?). The obligatory GB WIP is also attached which shows a few modifications I made to 'hopefully' enhance the basic plastic. Now I'll admit that it'll never be branded as my best piece of work, however I figure that if I somehow went back in time as a 15 year old and produced this result, I would have been quite chuffed. Either way it does add a splash of colour to the cabinet and ticks off a 30+ year old modelling "Bucket List" item.


Cheers... Dave


(By the way - please take time to look through the Matchbox II GB gallery. There are some wonderful entries already presented and hopefully a few more to follow in the weeks to come).











And some WIP shots..


















And the Matchbox "Orange Range" inspired base!




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Absolutely fantastic! And it allowed me to verify that my new sunglasses are actually working fine.

The enhancements you made on the kit are just right; the wheel wells are actually a must on all these old kits.




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That's a stunning rendition of the Matchbox Hunter.  I too have built this kit in this scheme, sometime in the 90s I think,  but it doesn't look half as good as this.

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1 hour ago, glatisant said:

In the stash,but not for much longer! Love your build. Beautiful. 

So good to hear that this Hawker Hunter build has inspired you to tackle yours.  

I also appreciate all the positive comments above, so thanks for all your continued encouragement which honestly goes a long way. 

I've still got the Hawker Tempest F.6 to finish before the Matchbox II GB is out and am seriously thinking about entering the "Hawker (Siddeley)" GB with another great Hawker product.  


Cheers and once again a Big thanks.. Dave   

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Wow Dave, you have done a wonderful job on that old Matchbox Hunter, it is beautiful and that canopy is so clear.


Superbly photographed too.


regards,  adey

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