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TBD-1 Devastator

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Just finished this one fra AZ, build out of box, ok kit had some resin parts that did not fit well, brush painted witm Modelmaster paint, clear/mat lacquer with airbrush, decals from kit. Photo dok. from internet.







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Great build Touvdal,


I really like the Devastator and your model looks very good, even if I prefer the older yellow wing scheme!

You mention Model Master paints: did you use acrylic or enamel MM paint? And how was it with a paint brush?


Well done!


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Very nice plane, model looks correct to me. There are only four left, all sitting in the water rotting away and the navy is dragging itself to let someone salvage them. Some little stuff on youtube about that. I posted some blog links I found on a couple of youtube videos.

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