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February 2018 Scale Aviation Modelling

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Well, I can only comment on AMW at the mo, (though I have written stuff for several others magazines over the years), once the article is written it's sent back to the editor who proof reads it.  The sub-editor will then look over it in case anything was overlooked before it goes anywhere near the printing shop, of course, things can creep through from time to time but hopefully, they're caught early on. The corrected article, (and there are always corrections as unfortunately I don't hold a PhD in English Language) is then sent back to me to re-read with any changes highlighted, (the only thing missing being 'See Me!' scrawled across the last page in red ink, triggering terrifying flashbacks of my sadistic English master, Mr Berridge:shutup:). AMW also supply us with style guides in an attempt to keep things consistent, as well as meetings where we can go over any points we may be struggling with. Aside from being a good friend, the editor, Chris Clifford is a pretty strict taskmaster...and personally I think this leads to a better product, maybe not all mags are quite so diligent.

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I would like to weigh in on this thread as I am a contributor to SAM. I am also the writer of the Do17 article that appeared in January and  the same text that was applied to Gordon Scott's excellently built He219 article in the February issue. Please note that as mentioned previously the He219 article in its correct form along with an apology was reprinted in the March issue.


In pevius discussions with Gary Hatcher, it is clear that the way that this magazine is built from a mass of articles, editotials, advertisements and other materials into published paper form is not as we may envision. It was explained to me that the Editor receives dozens of files individually to approve and select for an issue.  They are then assembled by other people and departments into the pages that eventually are printed.  Gary has say on the theme of the issue, selects the articles and has some authority on the order in which they appear.   The real surprise to me was that he never sees the final assembled issue as a whole draft before it is published.  This may sound unbelievable but it is not unique in the industry as other publications follow a similar method.

It is clear, to me at least, that Gary Hatcher truly wishes to produce a high quality and error free product and is very very annoyed and concerned  when less occurs.


I believe that SAM is a good entertaining read and worth the cover price.


Let he who has no sin...



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Posted (edited)
On 01/02/2018 at 18:36, Jon Bryon said:


I have it in front of me and I can't find the Walrus article... ?

Edited by Moggy

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