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Schlacht Bf 109Es - 1:48 Iliad Designs

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Schlacht Bf 109Es

1:48 Iliad Designs




This sheet is for the Messerschmitt Bf 109, and specifically the E model. I think it can safely be said one of the most modelled aircraft out there. There are six subjects on the sheet, five E-4s and one E-7. The units which used the fighter/bomber versions fo the 109 have not had a great deal of coverage.The aircraft covered are;


  • White U, E-4/B from II./SG 1 Russia 1942
  • S9+DR, from 7./ZG 1, Western Dessert in 1942 (The only E-7)
  • Red A, from II.(Sch)/LG.2, Russia 1941
  • White C, from II./LG. 2, Russia 1941
  • Yellow H, from 6.(Sch)/LG 2, France 1942
  • Black M, from 5.(Sch)/LG 3, Russia 1941



The decals are well printed, in register and look colour dense. They should pose no problem to the modeller and should fit any make of kit you choose.



This sheet is an interesting sheet of units not normally in the main stream. If you want something different for your 109 then this sheet is to be recommended.




Review sample courtesy of 

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