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Bluewater Missile


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Does anyone have any information on the Bluewater Missile which was a proposed missile that would have come in 2 varieties:-

    a) Surface to surface Missile

    B) Air to surface missile


The Surface to Surface version would have been launched from the back of a truck (possibly the good old Bedford RL), whilst the Air to Surface version would have been launched from the TSR-2. in ether case it was intended as a tactical strike that may have had a Nuclear or conventional warhead!


Does anyone have photos or information on this project etc.??

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You can find several period articles on the missile on the Flight Global archive:




Some more info can be found in this thread on the what-if modellers forum




There may have been some more in the articles that appeared on the TSR.2 in Model Aircraft Monthly, the magazine also issued a resin set with 2 missiles to use on the 1/72 Airfix kit

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