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1/48 WWI engines from Small Stuff

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Small Stuff has released 5 new 1/48 WWI engines:


Here are some detailed photos of the parts and assembled engines:

Le Rhone 9C

56 parts, includes 2 types of intake tubes.

17687566316_eba0fe8871_m.jpg 17714184681_98d5669f71_m.jpg 17687562476_8612e68884_m.jpg 17526369730_0879c77b3d_m.jpg

17526085668_4d4ab55e61_m.jpg 17526364500_7ddc2a3e41_m.jpg 17526386230_e2db4daa36_m.jpg 17091413384_2ac5a04c15_m.jpg

17527643139_3463eee38c_m.jpg 17526389880_e1aeb5257a_m.jpg 17711388862_f5b8f0f99a_m.jpg

Last 2 sprues are common to all 5 sets.

Clerget 9

74 parts, can be built as Clerget 9B or Clerget 9Z.

17526096368_bbd0d144f2_m.jpg 17713921795_0887aaafa3_m.jpg 17711372982_fb8430fa2b_m.jpg 17091401654_6b62d27fec_m.jpg

17714203421_350cb3acf0_m.jpg 17526085218_957827058e_m.jpg 17091419414_82c2ab2176_m.jpg

17687584486_2fa21cc0f4_m.jpg 17526385240_5b3868d980_m.jpg

Gnome Monosoupape 9B-2

47 parts.

17091412084_a301f0fa1f_m.jpg 17526106978_3d024a1bd4_m.jpg 17711381712_23fb8b3f19_m.jpg 17713907695_cdb847a139_m.jpg

17093599313_ef959f9860_m.jpg 17526390530_d76dd30284_m.jpg 17091413004_800dd9da26_m.jpg 17687581226_0be593908d_m.jpg

Gnome 9 Delta / Oberursel U.I

47 parts.

17526104688_397ecbcc10_m.jpg 17091407384_9c83556f8c_m.jpg 17711377282_b75d56b3b4_m.jpg 17714194191_351bf36aa0_m.jpg

17713933655_0aae64fb17_m.jpg 17526115148_e8397a26ba_m.jpg 17091412444_c2bb39f417_m.jpg17687581226_0be593908d_m.jpg

Gnome 7 Omega

37 parts.

17091393684_63ea443784_m.jpg 17093577333_1ee7c4102e_m.jpg 17526087408_280221f851_m.jpg 17714179481_aaef0f8f3f_m.jpg

17526111128_61d8386e04_m.jpg 17091418664_dec0c6aaa5_m.jpg 17091412444_c2bb39f417_m.jpg 17687581226_0be593908d_m.jpg

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