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Four new 1/48 WWI engines from Small Stuff

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Small Stuff has released 4 new 1/48 WWI engines:

Le Rhone 9J

56 parts, includes 2 types of intake tubes. Can be used for the following aircraft:

  • Airco DH5
  • Ansaldo Baby
  • Avro 504
  • Bristol M.1
  • Grigorovich M-20
  • Hanriot HD.1
  • KASKR-1 Autogyro
  • Morane-Saulnier I
  • Morane-Saulnier V
  • Nieuport 16
  • Nieuport 17
  • Nieuport 23
  • Nieuport 24
  • Nieuport 24bis
  • Nieuport 27
  • Polikarpov U-1
  • Sopwith 1½ Strutter
  • Sopwith Camel
  • Sopwith Triplane
  • Spad S.A-2

22975920560_f58e95c179_m.jpg 22877639227_ae0472434b_m.jpg 22975917870_afaa892bc5_m.jpg 22643331994_0e69d7fc7d_m.jpg

17527641949_05ef774d65_m.jpg 17526115868_a38d3722d2_m.jpg 17526386230_e2db4daa36_m.jpg 17091413384_2ac5a04c15_m.jpg
17687557546_a5a9a152fb_m.jpg 17526389880_e1aeb5257a_m.jpg 17711388862_f5b8f0f99a_m.jpg
Last 2 sprues are common to all 4 sets.
Oberursel Ur.II

56 parts, includes 2 types of intake tubes. Can be used for the following aircraft:

  • Fokker Dr.I
  • Fokker D.VI
  • Fokker D.VIII
  • PKZ-2

22877642857_0f088e9c35_m.jpg 22877641937_3db690a37b_m.jpg 22903812939_c139d248f8_m.jpg 23271761115_c7a1e2a624_m.jpg

17526085668_4d4ab55e61_m.jpg 17526115868_a38d3722d2_m.jpg 17526386230_e2db4daa36_m.jpg 17091413384_2ac5a04c15_m.jpg 17687557546_a5a9a152fb_m.jpg  

Gnome 7 Lambda / Oberursel U.0
37 parts. Can be used for the following aircraft:

  • Bristol Scout
  • Farman HF.20-25
  • Fokker E.I
  • Hansa-Brandenburg W.20
  • Morane-Saulnier G
  • Morane-Saulnier L
  • Nieuport IV
  • Pfalz A.I
  • Pfalz E.I
  • Sikorsky S-16
  • Sopwith Pup
  • Sopwith Tabloid 

22975925360_61aea39833_m.jpg 22903816969_cba6be48dd_m.jpg 23245634566_429fab4a75_m.jpg 22644636303_75c83eabf8_m.jpg
17093598323_32828c41eb_m.jpg 17526115148_e8397a26ba_m.jpg 17091412444_c2bb39f417_m.jpg 17687581226_0be593908d_m.jpg
Gnome 14 Lambda-Lambda / Oberursel U.III
71 parts. Can be used for the following aircraft:

  • Fokker D.III
  • Fokker E.IV
  • Pfalz. E.IV

23271766955_480506505b_m.jpg 22975918590_6636ab7506_m.jpg 22877645837_4a215cc2cf_m.jpg 23271766155_cfc64e0ab5_m.jpg
17091414374_07b00046c3_m.jpg 17526115148_e8397a26ba_m.jpg 17091412444_c2bb39f417_m.jpg 17687581226_0be593908d_m.jpg

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