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Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Hood


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This week I have been playing with resin. I made moulds of various length and gauge of bass and guitar strings for the various cable reels on the ship These first casts come complete with all the dirt and grit from the original strings, that got stuck in the mould :P As mentioned earlier I made the mistake of buying the North Star Models version (the parts in dark resin) - what was I thinking? :P

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Well, with a long summer there has't been much progress on this, but yesterday I finally pulled the ship out of storage and did some more work.

First up I added the screws. I decided to use the cast brass screws from the Lionroar set, but thought they lokked weird, being polished brass on a weathered ship model. So after doing a bit of reading, I found a way to artificially age the brass using a mix of salt and vinegar and a hot oven. I am quite pleased with the result!

Also worked on the boats. Technically all boats would be covered in grey canvas at the time of the sinking, but it would make for a visually less interesting model - and also a bit silly after spending ££ for the correctly shaped Shapeways ones. I am not completely happy with the look of the open boats, so I might have to go back and rework those with the correct white paint job on the inside.



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Some more progress this weekend. Added various small details like cable reels and life bouys and also added the last railings. Also fixed the super structure into place and started the rigging, so the model is really starting to come together.

One challenge was the diamond shaped wire antenna structure above the radio station. I am a bit lazy so I mostly use EZ-wire for the rigging, but because of the pull of the antenna I had to do this part the old fashioned way, using stretched plastic sprue.

Not the best picture, but you get the gereneral idea :) 

Yet to do is finishing the boats, boat tiedowns, a bit more rigging, flags and those final touches that really brings the model to life.



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Very nice model, and a big THANK YOU for the explanation of the deck painting. That will be put to good use on my 1/200 Pontos deck. 

Are you aware of EJ Foeth's site "On the Slipway"?  Regards Pete in RI

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