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Platz Northrop-Grumman RQ-4B Global Hawk


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This is my 1/72 Platz Northrop-Grumman RQ-4B Global Hawk UAV. This was supposed to be a another quick build, but because of circumstances, some of which were under my control, it took a lot longer.  This is my second Platz kit, the first being their X-47B. Based on that kit which had excellent fit and decals when I  looked for more UAV kits I eagerly bought the Platz rather then the Italeri ones. Unfortunately this kit was a bit of a disappointment and while the decals were still excellent the fit was only so-so. The fuselage came in 3 pieces; right left and bottom. I guess they did this so they could have a separate bottom for their RQ-4N, AKA MQ-4C, kit. Because of this the right and left halves were warped. They met at the from and back but not in the middle and because there was no bottom to them it was difficult to get the middles to meet, but with patience I was able to get it glued up. Each wing, and they are huge, was made up of a top which wrapped around ~1/3 of the bottom and a bottom insert. This this type of construction seems to be common, but I don't know why they do this since it usually leaves an  ugly seam to fill. All this and the fact that the wing tops get painted white added to the build time. But the real desater was after applying the decals and spraying the final flat coat I discovered a blob of super glue one the right wing top close to the tip :yikes:. How do I fix that without ruining the decals? I will spare you the details, but a week later I am declaring it finished. So enough wining and on the the pictures.





At this point I should mention that while they supply the decals for the right and left rudders the instruction show only placing them on the left side and just the serial number on the right. I wasn't happy with this so I searched the internet and found picture that show them on both sides. The pictures also showed the various antennas painted white which the instructions fail to mention.



 Did I say the wings are big? 130.9 ft (39.9 m)



Despite all the complaining I still ordered their RQ-4N kit.


Next up is the Welsh Models P-8A Poseidon, which could end up as an expensive disaster since it is my first vacu-form in a while. I gotta get a different hobby. :banghead:



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